Moxi Double Sleeper Couch 130cm

Lego Double Decker Couch

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  • The Double Decker Couch would’ve been an awesome LEGO set with just the minifigures but LEGO isn’t stopping there. Also included in this set is Emmet’s car, a faithful recreation of Emmet’s tiny automobile that he uses to drive around Bricksburg.

    I think the timing of the Double Decker Couch’s release date is brilliant – allow a period of exclusivity to certain minifigures so collectors feel great about themselves, then BOOM, release a set that’s at an extremely low price point stuffed with all the characters that were previously out of reach of people with average, non-crazy LEGO budgets. It’s a win for parents, cause their kids can finally get Benny in a cheap set, and a win for us LEGO fans that love sets which contain amazing value.

  • This small but very significant touch just emphasises the incredible value of the Double Decker Couch. I need to find another word for value.

    Final thoughts: I’ll come right out and say it – this is pretty much the perfect LEGO set. The minifigure lineup is second to none and if you enjoyed The LEGO Movie, this set is a no-brainer since you get so many unique minifigures and great characters. The Double Decker Couch’s price point is almost too good to be true – $25 for this much value is almost unheard of.

  • The Double Decker Couch is a brilliantly designed set from LEGO, not just from a toy perspective, but also from a business standpoint. In 2014, we had plenty of LEGO Movie sets to coincide with the blockbuster movie. The main characters from the movie like Benny and Vitruvius were considered relatively rare, being placed in sets that were on the more expensive side of the spectrum.

Moxi Double Sleeper Couch 130cm - Sleeping Couch and Sofa

The Double Decker Couch is a double-decker sofa which was invented by . It saved the others from drowning when the submarine was destroyed.