DreamWorks HOME: Mood Matcher Game

I plan to take my grandson to see Dreamworks HOME.

I plan to see Dreamworks HOME with my best friend.
Dreamworks HOME - Shusher Wand
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Dreamworks Home

Dreamworks Home a New Home Shaped Cuddle Pillow

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  • I love when my little girl sees herself on the big screen. And I don’t mean literally. I mean in the way entertainment television and movies are supposed to do: reflect a bit of reality mixed imagination, a great plot and amazing visuals. DreamWorks HOME does just that for my multiracial child, reflecting what so many kids’ realities look like, with their loveable characters and heart warming plot. I haven’t seen the film yet, but the kids and I are excited to check it out! In the meantime, we’re having fun with these printables and activity sheets.

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    Dreamwork Home Improvements
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  • Keep your kids busy, at least for a little while, with these free printable Dreamworks Home activity pages. For my youngest, coloring pages. For my oldest, word searches and easy crafts. For more spring break ideas, be sure to check out all of .

Dreamworks HOME: Free Printable Activity Sheets

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