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Homestar Finch 5 Drawer Chest, 27.5" x 15.63" x 44.5", Espresso

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  • So, for fashion's trendsetters and coolest dressers? We quizzed five women who inspire our outfits every day—designers, PR gurus, and editorial whizzes alike—for the deets on the items they buy (and wear) over and over again. Curious to know the hero piece of these women's closets? Read on to find out, and to shop each for yourself!

    It is a fairly well established fact that Walt Disney World on-site resort hotels are a step above your average Days Inn or La Quinta in both theming and service. But as far as in-room amenities go, they are fairly standard. All standard resort hotel rooms include with input panels, dressers/nightstands, a table and chairs, a furnished bathroom with separate sink/vanity, a safe, and a small dorm sized refrigerator. Yes, all resort hotel rooms include a small fridge. It is not, as in days past, something that needs to be specially requested. These fridges are not especially large but they are sufficient for storing medical necessities, baby formula, and a few other everyday essentials like coffee creamer, juice, or last night’s leftovers. But exactly how big are they? Let’s investigate, shall we…

  • On her first Broadway experience: “It was super eye-opening, but I didn’t know what I was doing. I didn’t know how to pace myself for the endurance of doing eight shows a week and singing as high as I possibly could and everything that comes with that. I didn’t know how to do a real, big Broadway tech with all these crazy props and dressers and stuff like that.”

    It is also important to note that the refrigerators in most rooms are located inside of some type of decorative furniture, sometimes as a stand-alone or often inside a larger dresser-type unit. Occasionally the doors to these units open in the opposite direction of the door to the fridge, which can be awkward. They are also generally located at floor level. This could be somewhat of an issue if someone has difficulty bending down. They are also at perfect level for curious toddlers or preschoolers to open.

    For simplicity with sleek style - and plenty of storage - choose the Belcourt dresser. Contemporary styling is achieved with clean lines and straightforward design. Six roomy drawers are constructed using French and English dovetailing for strength and stability. Top drawers are lined in felt to buffer delicate items such as jewelry and other small accessories. The dresser's cherry finish is contrasted by brushed chrome hardware in your choice of round or bar shaped pulls (both are included).


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  • The U.S. recall covers about 8 million MALM chests and dressers and 21 million other models of chests and dressers. About 6.6 million are being recalled in Canada.

Rossetto Start Cheap Dresser in Solid Walnut

Before you buy one of our pieces, we suggest that you consider several factors. Most importantly, measure your teen’s room and pay close attention to the height of any areas where you plan to place one our dressers or chests to avoid interfering with or windows. This is particularly important if you’re buying an armoire or a chest, which stand taller than our typically waist-high dressers. Similarly, measure the width of the space to be sure the closet doors and bedroom doors will swing freely, especially if you are considering one our extra-wide dressers.