The drum kit may be loosely divided into four parts:

Set the perfect musical mood with the strong back beat of Yamaha drums.

Gammon Percussion Full Size Complete Adult 5 Piece Drum Set with Cymbals Stands Stool and Sticks, Black

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  • these are great drums and not the entry level drums everyone would expect from an export kit. awesome kick and the toms really sing even with stock heads i was really impressed buy them. if your looking for a great kit that wont cost you a fortune then look no further you cant go wrong with these. the snare had alot of buzz but with some tuning now sounds great

    recieved these drums and was really amazed by the sound they created for such a low price with a little tuning they were great even with stock heads as i play a little county and classic rock mix. the hardware pack was solid and sturdy to come with a kit. all in all purchase these drums you can never go wrong with pearl exports!

  • Like a legendary group or solo act whose mystique only grew during inactivity, the Export Series from Pearl is back and ready to help you take your act on the road. Unlike that aged group or musician, Pearl Export has only improved with age. Offering new hardware features, SST shell construction and suspended mounts, these Export drums are better than you remember them. The 6-ply poplar and mahogany shells churn out balanced attack and full tone, while the high-end hardware will make your trip down memory lane a pleasant one.

    Pearl's updated Export Series offers a sonically advanced recipe of strategically arranged plies of premium wood to maximize frequency response of every component. As with all Pearl drums, each shell is formed from our legendary SST construction process that uses extreme heat, Precision-cut scarf joints, proprietary Acoustiglue and over 1000lb. of hydraulic pressure to create the ultimate acoustic air chamber.

    Further emphasizing Pearl's "sound first" philosophy are the new lugs specifically designed for Export with sound-enhancement in mind. Designed for minimal shell interaction, they have a small footprint and low-mass for maximum resonance and sustain. Their bold look is modern but with a nod to lugs from Pearl's past.

    Export rack toms are equipped with Pearl's new Opti-Loc Mounting System that features a triangular design with two tension rod attachment points and another through one of the drum's two air vents. Rubber isolators at all connection points allow the drums to vibrate freely for maximum sustain and resonance while providing absolute and wobble-free performance.

    Cymbals sold separately.

    I decided to get this drum set for my grandson last X'mas thinking that for the money this set was not all it was meant to be, but was I wrong it's actually a very nice set for this price range and my grandson has actually gotten fairly good during these past few months. He's not 5 yet, but hopefully I've created a "Musician" through "Musician's Friend".

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    Drumfire Teen Drum Set
    Recommended Ages 12 and up.
    This DrumFire drumset gives you a head start over other entry-level kits. The quality 6-ply Poplar shells come in standard sizes used by drummers in all styles of music. Everything you need is included, from drum key, to sticks, to drum seat and cymbals. Parents looking to get their young drummers a start in drumming will love the quality at a reasonable price that this drumset offers! The teen drumset by Drumfire features a 22" x 16" bass drum, 14" x 5.5" snare drum with stand, 13" x 11" tom, 12" x 10" tom, 16" x 16" floor tom, 16" ride cymbal with stand, 14" hi-hats with stand, bass drum pedal, drumsticks, drum seat, tuning key and tunable drumheads! The drumset has wood drum shells and metal drum hardware for durability. This kids drumset is available in two finished colors: Black or Wine Red.

    Check out the Drumfire Kids Drumset.

    **Please note: Some assembly is required for this teen drum kit. This item will be shipped from another location. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery. Shipping to continental USA only.

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    Kids Drumsets

    Bought this as my six year old son's third drum set. I don't know much about drums, but this set was the easiest to put together and the one that seems as if it will be able to take my son's intensity. He's very hard on his drums and likes to move the pieces around, but this set unlike his others can easily be moved as once put together, stays that way. He can move the pieces around without them falling apart and he is able to tune it as he pleases without me having to get involved.

drums purchase, send it back and we will refund your money.

A second crash cymbal is common, typically an inch or two larger or smaller than the 16", with the larger of the two to the right for a right-handed drummer, but a big band may use crashes up to 17" and ride up to 24" or, very rarely, 26". A rock kit may also substitute a larger ride cymbal or larger hi-hats, typically 22" for the ride and 15" for the hats.