Available Monday - Friday8 am - 5 pm Eastern Time US

Available Monday - Friday8 am - 5 pm Eastern Time US

Quartet Easel, Instant Easel, 63-Inches, Supports 5 lbs., Tripod Base (29E)

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  • 19. Battery operated screwdriver. This is optional but if you have one, it will make your life easier. Use with a low torque setting as to prevent splitting your timber and pre-drill guide holes.

    21. Boiled linseed oil and rag. This is also optional and is to apply to the frame to protect the wood. When applying ensure not to get any on the working surface of your board. As the smell, which isn’t necessarily unpleasant, does linger for a few days, I opted not to use it but will eventually get around treating the whole frame.

  • a. 6 x 620 x 900mm MDF board / 0.23 x 24 x 36 inches*. *Increase the size by two inches around the perimeter as a ‘border’ to fix your canvas or drawing paper.

    3. All dimension conversions were done with a calculator so the imperial sizes do not necessarily reflect standard US timber sizes. As small discrepancies are allowed due to this being built with hand tools only, please adjust to standard sizes.

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    MI-WK-601 Tall Classy Wooden Flip Chart Easels
    with a Non-Magnetic Melamine Whiteboard Writing surface.

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    I did cut the MDF board with a jigsaw to my required size but this is not included in this Instructable. You could consider buying a thicker MDF board for a more stable and solid work surface. I was aiming for a more lightweight construction and it also depends on what you want to use the easel for. This will ultimately be to each ones own personal preference. Optionally you could add some bracing strips to the back of the board to give additional stability if needed and still keep the weight down.

Studio Designs Museum Easel – BLICK art materials

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