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96% of children in Qatar own devices that allow them to access electronic games.

Pocket Arcade Electronic Hangman Game

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  • Electronic chess games also appeared in the mid seventies, but the game that first captured the public's imagination in the UK was the Adman Grandstand.

    Electronic games, such as MB Simon and Adman Grandstand, went on sale in the UKin the second half of the 70s. This was the time when people got their first taste of the digital lifestyle we enjoy today. A few years earlier, the first and were marketed. Now manufacturers too adopted the same circuitry for play, and the age of electronicgames began.

  • Interestingly, in the Monopoly game, players use an app running on the iPad to perform functions very similar to the previously mentioned Monopoly Playmaster accessory, bringing electronic board games full circle.

    The Adman Grandstand came along in 1976-1977. It featured a series of gamessuch as a version of the popular electronic tennis game, Atari Pong, which people were already playing. Other games included football, squash and shooting. Some versions included an electronic light gun.

    July 23, 2013 Retro Gaming Blog Article:
    I remember when kids began brining Mattel handheld games to school. Mattel Electronics Football is the one I recall best. Kids would huddle over it and race down the field as red dots flashed along the screen.

    I didn't know too much about football and the lights flashing around the screen didn't seem to mimic the game I'd occasionally seen on TV. Still the excitement around these games fascinated me and I had to be a part of it even though I didn't really get it. It wasn't long before Atari brought out the 2600, but it would still be years before Atari invaded my parent's living room.

    Once cartridge-based game consoles became prevalent, I lost interest in the primitive handheld games, like the many Mattel Electronics ones and Merlin The Electronic Wizard - one of the few handhelds I owned. However, I did occasionally see the more sophisticated ones at school, in the 80s.

    Having now aged well past those distant grade-school memories, and become a retro collector, suddenly those old electronic handhelds have a new interest to me. I still have my original Merlin, yet I've managed to hold the urge to expand my collection of handhelds in check.

    Then I found Hipopotam's Digitalised Collection of Handheld Electronic Games (thanks to @RetroGamesColl). Wow! Great pics and all the games are playable online in the same visual format of the games I vaguely recalled. You can't hold the game in-hand, but the visuals are richly recreated in Flash. For those who don't own any of these games, this site offers a unique experience with them.

    Below are a few examples:
    Aerogun Field game by Tronica 1987, Sub Attack game and Octopusgame by Nintendo Game & Watch 1981.

    The site features 26 handheld games from various manufacturers including Nintendo, Tronica and Tiger. All are playable as flash modules that retain the visual look of the original games. this is a great site for retro info as well as game play!

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    Just last year—35 years after the emergence of the first electronic board games—Hasbro pushed the medium forward (or sideways) by integrating a traditional game board with the Apple iPad.

Classic Football Electronic Game

Additionally, the survey said that around 15% of the children buy electronic games without parental supervision and around just 69% of them engage in sports and physical activities.