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The First Years American Red Cross Deluxe Nail Clipper with Magnifier

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  • Deluxe Diner Reclining Feeding Seat

    Baby gear can be bulky, and highchairs are no exception. Attaching to a standard adult chair, The First Years Deluxe Reclining Feeding Seat is a compact alternative—offering not only room, but also room to grow! Accommodating from newborn up to four years, it has a five-point harness for safety, along with five recline positions so your newborn can join you at the table and have a comfortable place to rest while you eat dinner. When your child is ready, the seat back removes to convert into a big kid booster with three-point harness. Grow, baby, grow!


    The First Years deceptively simple Close & Secure Sleeper allows you to feed, soothe, monitor, and bond with baby in the comfort of your own bed. Meant to be used from birth until baby rolls over or pushes up on their own, the sleeper is anchored to your bed by a large flap that tucks under your mattress. The patented Airflow design of the hollow frame and breathable mesh fabric keep air circulating and baby cool.

    The sleeper folds up nicely for convenient portability and compact storage.
    A durable, cloth-covered U-shaped "wall" surrounds baby's head and torso to limit their movement and help prevent parents from rolling onto them. The soft head barrier reduces the risk of entrapment, while the foot wedge--which can be used as a sleep positioner in future months--ensures baby stays snugly inside the sleep area. The supportive bottom is a cozy resting spot with the included soft cover, vinyl covered mattress, and removable, machine washable mattress sheet.

    Reassurance and safety weren't the only things The First Years folks thought of when creating this sleeper. Other benefits include its portability, a nightlight, and transitional use. For travel convenience, the Close & Secure folds up easily, is lightweight, and sports a carrying handle. Once baby has outgrown it, this feature means that it can also be compactly stored until needed again. A built-in nightlight allows you

  • The First Years Breastflow Manual Breast Pump provides for comfortable, quiet and efficient pumping.

    - Adjustable swivel head
    - Unique sheild design
    - Lightweight, compact design comes with two 5 oz bottles with sealing discs for storing
    - BPA-free

    The Sorting Ceremony was followed by the . Harry, who had never been allowed to eat as much as he wanted, was overwhelmed by the sheer variety of foods in front of him. Dessert arrived, and talk turned to the first years' families. told the others how his family thought he was a until his accidentally dropped him out of a window, and he bounced. It was during the Feast that 's scar hurt for the first time: Harry was looking up at the staff table at when the Quirrell was talking to looked past Quirrell at Harry, who immediately felt a sharp pain in his . After the last morsels melted from the golden plates and goblets, gave a speech welcoming the new students to the school and the old students back. He added a few warnings about staying away from the , and avoiding the before leading the school in singing the and sending everyone off to their dormitories.

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    UNC-Chapel Hill Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences

    Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

    The first years were led into the , where they were greeted by the rest of the students, and, more importantly, a on a . Harry was particularly anxious, as he did not feel that any of the Houses as they were described in the Hat's song were right for him. Harry noted that , whom Harry had met in , was instantly placed in Slytherin, and remembered what and had told him about Slytherin's reputation for turning out , and that had been in Slytherin. When Harry put on the Hat, it slipped down past his eyes, and the hat told him that he "would do well in Slytherin". Thinking of Voldemort, Harry desperately begged the Hat to not put him in Slytherin. The Hat instead placed Harry in Gryffindor along with Ron and .

The First Years Take & Toss Spill-Proof Straw Cups -..

I love walking outside around my neighborhood during the Spring. If you’re a new mom and are looking for a great way to walk outside more with your little one, I suggest the First Years City Chic Jet Stroller. It makes it so much easier for you to get up and go because of it’s convenient folding system.