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Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids Food Storage Container, 42-piece Set, Red (1880801)

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  • Don’t forget a small stash of your favorite comfort foods to store in the buckets also. Like candy, chocolate, coffee, fruit drink mixes (to make OLD water taste better). I also store the left over fast food restaurants tiny packets of (salt, pepper, ketchup, salsa, taco sauces & other tiny things like–shampoos, soaps, etc.) for bartering in the event of a SHTF scenario. Keep it high up or under lock & key from your ever hungry children. Lol

    We felt we would be okay with a few cases of food but after this past election; there is an emergency to stock up but want to buy the correct foods and store properly.

  • I was watching the show on Nat Geo and one guy had a great idea to get the oxygen out of the food storage container and to kill all bugs. Throw a hand warming unit into the air tight container and seal immediately. The chemical reaction of the unit as it heats up will use up the oxygen in the tightly enclosed space without contaminating the food.

    Hello Kimberly. Thanks for your post. For me personally, I think that it is best to store a variety of foods and food types. Examples: dried items, dehydrated foods, canned foods, refrigerated, frozen, home canned foods, foods stored in mylar bags, stored in 5 gallon buckets and more…
    If you have a plan to be able to cook up the food quickly that you store in your freezer, then I think that it would be alright to have some food storage in a freezer.
    If you are going to freeze meats, you may want to have some way to cook the meat quickly, be able to can you meats or have a way to make jerky in case the electricity is not working. Of course, you did mention a generator, so this would give you a bit more time to accomplish this task.
    It seems that we all have our different methods and ways of doing our food storage. It is just important that we all are working towards an emergency food storage for our families. Let us know what works for you.

    11-1/2-Cup Glass Food Storage Container w/ Lid
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    Thanks for the comment “Barn Cat”. I do agree that storing canned beans makes it much easier since they are already prepared. That would be a huge help when you need something to eat in a hurry. I am inclined to say that having both dried beans and canned beans would be ideal for food storage. Canned items typically do not last as long. Another fact is that you can also sprout dried beans and it increases the nutritional value. Wheat can also be sprouted, ground into flour to make bread and cooked to make a hot breakfast cereal. Wheat, if stored properly can be stored up to 25+ years. I personally like to have a variety my food storage.
    Great input to have more canned items in our food storage. Thanks for posting!

Food Storage | Emergency Preparedness

You may not have thought to add seasonings, heirloom seeds, or sprouting seeds to your long-term food storage and emergency plan. It’s ok to approach emergency food as basic survival food, but we think you should enjoy what you eat during an extended disaster situation! Seasonings, packaged for long-term storage, are just the thing to perk up a post-disaster meal. And having heirloom seeds stored means that you’ll be able to plant a garden and have your own fresh veggies. Sprouting seeds are your food storage’s under-appreciated super hero. Sprouting seeds need very little space, no dirt, and in less than a week you can grow your own nutrient-packed, fresh vegetable. How’s that for handy? Including these items goes a long way to making your food storage go farther. Sprouts will also give you something like a salad in a disaster if you don’t grow your own lettuce.