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gerber teething biscuits

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  • I have used these teething biscuits for all of my children. With that being said, you have to make sure that your child is ready for these because they do melt in the child's mouth, but they also can break into smaller pieces and choke your child if they aren't old enough for them. Some babies start teething sooner than others, and not all of them are ready for these.

    Quality of Ingredients
    Very good quality of ingredients in these Gerber teething biscuits. All of my children love these biscuits and they really do help soothe a teething child and comfort their gums.

    I gave these Gerber teething biscuits an 8 on safety simply because some babies teeth sooner than others and this product isn't for really young babies, at least unless they are used to eating some solids already because even though most of these biscuits melt in the mouth, sometimes some chunks can break apart from the rest of the biscuit and it can cause a choking hazard.

    Gerber teething biscuits may relieve teething pain by providing firm pressure for the gums. The baby bites on the hard biscuit to counteract the pressure from the tooth as it pushes on the gums.

  • Gerber teething biscuits also help babies and toddlers learn self-feeding skills. The baby learns to coordinate her hand-eye movement to move the biscuit to her mouth. She gets a sense of independence in feeding herself.

    Gerber teething biscuits are only recommended for babies who are proficient at eating solid foods. Small pieces often break off the biscuits. These pieces pose a potential choking hazard. Adult supervision is required when babies and toddlers use teething biscuits.

  • I can't find the Gerber teething biscuits anywhere. I have tried Babies R Us and they only carry the Earth's Best brand. I've looked online at Target and Walmart and neither say they carry Gerber. I also see that Gerber carries a Biter Biscuit, but it's not for teething, but rather for toddlers.

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