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KidCo GoPod Portable Activity Seat - Pistachio

KidCo GoPod Activity Seat : Target

KidCo - GoPod, Portable Baby Activity Station - Pistachio

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  • The GoPod can be charged using a Mini USB cable connected to your computer or a USB power outlet. The material used to build the charger is sturdy and you know that it won’t break from minor falls. I would definitely be using the device while travelling and going on long road trips.

    We first tested the GoPod at my mother’s house – where we really can’t let the baby crawl or cruise around unless we are watching him. The GoPod was great, because it gave us a safe place to let him play. The first time I set it up, I didn’t extend it to the highest setting, so my baby was kind of sitting in it. I quickly learned how to adjust it (I took the baby out first). Simply push the button in, extend each of the four corners and make sure the button comes out the hole (so it locks in). Since then we’ve taken it up to my old sleepaway camp, Surprise Lake, to the beach a few times and to friend’s houses — we love that it creates an instant child-friendly space!

  • GoPod Portable battery charger is a combination of or and a nice portable travel charger which holds enough juice to charge 5 iPhones and 2 iPads. It is a nice little accessory that costs around $70 or £44.95. It is quite useful when you are going on a long road-trip and/or a camping trip where you won’t have access to a charging point.

    For those who want to set their iPods free, here’s a little piece of software called goPod that is a free download that works with pretty much all iPod models including the new nano and 5G.

     Vehicle Application  Fuel, Lube, Delivery, Supervisor
     User Interface  Data Entry Screen and LEDs
     Power Requirements  9 – 31 Volts DC
     Power Source  Host Vehicle
     Operating Temperature   -40 to +65 deg. C
     Sealing  IP65, Weather Resistant
     Radio Distance   300 Feet – Line of sight
     Radio Frequency  2.45GHz, 802.15.4 Compliant
     GoPOD Interface  Serial Cable
     Installation Time  Under 4 Hours

  • All versions of goPod
    Version License Language O.S.
    goPod 1.4 07/06/11 Free English
    • Windows 98
    • Windows 98 SE
    • Windows ME
    • Windows 2000
    • Windows XP

    Gopod has a little device called the Surface 5in1 Connection Kit. What it does is very simple, but very handy. It’s a dongle that adds an extra USB port, a SD card slot, microSD card slot, and miniUSB port. It just plugs right into the side of Surface and doesn’t take up too much space. This is one of the handiest accessories we’ve seen.

Since about 2 weeks we added the GoPod to our set of pods.

Best Lockers, a division of Safemark, was founded in 1968 and is the prominent provider of personal electronic locker solutions for the amusement park, waterpark and ski resort industries. In 2009, Best Lockers introduced the industry-changing GoPod™ Electronic Locker Solution.