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  • In contrast to other baby swings, your child does not sit all the way down on the floor, but nice and elevated: The Graco Sweetpeace Baby Swing is attached to a plastic foot and enables your child to be right in the middle of the family life.

    The Graco Sweetpeace Baby Swing even offers music. Thanks to an MP3 connection, you can play your baby's favorite music and make him or her feel even more comfortable. Your child will soon start playing with the soft toys of the Sweetpeace, explore the toy mirror or the Mix'n'Move lid, and have a go at the teething ring.

  • If you are looking for a soother that not only calms your baby but entertains him too, Graco Sweet Peace Soother swing is a great choice. This innovative swing has multi-sensory soothing options that bounce and sway your baby to calmness. It can be used as a floor rocker or as a swing that can vibrate too. Its swing features four unique seating positions and three recline positions so that your child is as comfortable as in the mother's arm. The swing also has a special MomMotion that mimics the way a mother rocks her child, giving her a warm sense of security. It plays different sounds that aid in soothing your baby. A removable saddling blanket and a rotating canopy are also provided with the swing.

    The Graco Sweetpeace Swing uses patented motion technology to simulate a mother’s real soothing movements to help relax little ones. The motion moves baby from side to side, in the same cradling motion that parents do, as opposed to just backwards and forwards like most other soothers. This helps to make baby feel especially comforted.

  • Joshua and his wife moved their first child’s Graco Sweetpeace swing downstairs from storage in order to rock their adorable new son. They added fresh batteries to the two-year-old toy and fired it up. They were alarmed when the swing began to play music, the lights flashed, and the swing suddenly sped up, all without anyone touching the controls. Was the newest Joshua Jr. some kind of demon baby, or was the swing defective? Had other parents experienced the nightmare of having their newborns in a smoking rogue swing? Josh went online to find out.

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For the perfect choice, you can use the graco sweetpeace swing as your baby’s place. This device is recommended because this is very convenient to be used as the baby’s bed. You can adjust the position of the bed to get the best condition for your baby to sleep. More than that, it is not only a bed, but it can also be used as a rocker with the swing ability. If you move it gently, your baby will feel the experience of the soft rocking. He will laugh because that experience is new to him. And your baby will enjoy to be moved with a gentle touch. You can play with your baby with this device as a rocker, or you can use the device as a regular bad.