Is gripe water safe for newborns?

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  • Is Gripe Water Safe For Newborns: Generally it is used to relieve colic. If the newborn is crying for long but is otherwise healthy, the baby is colicky. The symptoms of colic develop after 3 weeks of birth. It happens because the digestive system is not fully developed and after feeding gas is formed. Though gripe water has all natural and herbal ingredients, like ginger, fennel, peppermint, cinnamon, cardamom, chamomile etc, it’s healthy for babies. It also helps in relieving gas. It collects all the tiny air bubbles to form a large one. The large bubble easily burps out. In this way gripe water leads to relief from pain. Not only relief from gas but helps in digestion also.

    A baby crying continuously, due to gas or reflux can be a heart breaking situation for the entire family. 'Woodward's Gripe Water for Newborns' has been considered as a traditional remedy to treat abdominal pain and discomfort. Scroll down to know why homemade gripe water is recommended to newborns these days...

  • Gripe water for newborns and infants can be unsafe if given without the consultation of a pediatrician. Breast milk, feeding in the proper position and adequate burping are required to soothe the colicky baby.

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