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Harmony dolls - Harmony Rose is an 18 inch doll

Barbie Fifth Harmony Dinah Doll

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  • I own many dolls and I have added a couple new dolls to my collection from a fairly new doll company, Harmony Club Dolls. I thought I would share a bit about these dolls. I was not asked to do this review, nor do I benefit in any way from writing it.

    Chances are you missed their release because news of another kind of doll was making headlines last week instead. While you may not have heard of the Fifth Harmony dolls, you probably caught wind of the .

  • While the majority of Mattel’s Barbies are still fair-skinned, the release of the Fifth Harmony dolls is an important move. These five different cultural backgrounds are representing thousands of young girls who may not have ever had dolls that looked like them before. Without the release of these dolls would there have been a Polynesian or Cuban doll in stores right now? Probably not.

    Jazzmin is a nice addition to our doll family and will be making more appearances! You can see the whole Harmony Club Dolls collection at their website. Their dolls are around $70-85 each and can be ordered online.

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    The harmony dolls below were created by various artists.You can use the following dolls  on My Space, Facebook, blogs, websites or anywhere you chose. Right Click and select save as to save to your computer.

    The Harmony Club dolls have a soft body like American Girl dolls but instead of the canvas feeling body, Harmony Club doll bodies are a fuzzier material. They also did a nice job of adding natural looking blushing on the dolls feet and hands, plus her fingernails and toenails have been painted a shade of light pink.

Dolls Behaving Badly: Review of Harmony Club Dolls "Summer"

The first thing I noticed was their hair. The hair on both dolls is superior to American Girl Dolls by far, closer to the quality of the Gotz dolls. It looks and feels more natural and is easy to style. Another difference that I have noticed, after over a year, is that the hair is not getting stretched or frizzy, as American Girl Doll hair can get with too much styling. The wigs on the Harmony Club Dolls are gorgeous. I bought one straight haired doll and one with slightly wavy hair. I like both, but the wavy hair is so fun to style and looks great still after much play and handling.