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Ty Beanie Babies Hello Kitty Pink Bunny Suit

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  • It is bunny time again!!! Yay! No longer will Peeps rule the holiday! I found this little Hello Kitty bunny over at the Safeway grocery store near my house. There were different color kitties, but I like yellow, so I chose this one. She just had to pop into my cart and come home with me!🙂 She’s all ready for Easter with her bunny ears. Just watch out that she doesn’t hop into any trouble! hahaha.

    We all need to keep our feet warm, so why not do it in Kitty style? Here I have the Hello Kitty pink bunny slippers. They go all around the foot and they are super cute and also very comfortable (and warm)! Why have plain old bunny slippers when you can have HK bunny slips?!? hehe Yay!

  • I believe most of the are already aware of the Hello Kitty Bunny Plush promo, but if you don’t know yet, here are the details…

    You can go to your local Sanrio Boutique and add an adorably cute and snuggly Hello Kitty Bunny Plush for only $10.99 with a $25.00 purchase.* There are three cute designs to choose from! And this is in purrr-fect time for Easter (which is right around the corner).

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