Yay! You're now following hot wheels track in your .

Yay! You're now following hot wheels track in your .

Attach set to existing Hot Wheels tracks to expand your racing world.

Hot Wheels, Track Builder, Straight Track Includes 15 Feet of Track and a Bonus Car

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  • Expand your Hot Wheels race tracks with Hot Wheel’s wall tracks. These wall tracks bring new tricks, faster speeds, and exciting new adventures to Hot Wheels racing. To get started match up the track mounts to the template given, then secure the track with the included (wall-friendly) 3m command strip fastening system. Afterwards you’re ready to race your Hot Wheels cars all day long. Choose your track, the safe passage, or the wild thrills. Take the lower track and ride across the bridge to safety, or be more daring and wait for the perfect moment to defeat the spinning car crusher. As you choose different tracks to race on, beware of the rotating arms that can grab your cars! As well, you can connect this set to other Hot Wheels Wall Tracks for more continuous fun!

    Create a backyard fashion runway with the Barbie Design & Dress Studio using chalk and use a flashlight to follow the cars on a dark wall with the The Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Mid-Air Madness Set. Check out

  • The initial prototypes of the Beach Bomb were faithful to a real VW Bus's shape, and had two surfboards sticking out the back window. During the fledgling Hot Wheels era, Mattel wanted to make sure that each of the cars could be used with any of the play sets and stunt track sets. Unfortunately, testing showed that this early version (now known as Rear-Loader Beach Bomb, or RLBB) was too narrow to roll effectively on Hot Wheels track or be powered by the Super Charger, and was too top-heavy to negotiate high-speed corners.

    Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Hammer Drop Track Set is mixing things up and changing the way kids play with Hot Wheels cars! This track is a wall mounted track play system and brings newer stunts, faster speeds and trickier turns into Hot Wheel”s playtime. By being a track mounted on the wall, your child can enjoy a whole new perspective of play. Your child can expand his creative play by connecting this set to other sets to create larger tracks or just simply using this set by itself can be just as much fun. The set includes 1 die-cast Hot Wheels car, a 3m command strip, and easy to follow instructions.

    Code Car Chaos
    Ferrari X-V Speed Trial
    Beast Bash Beware
    Hot Wheels Track Attack

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    The Sizzlers were a 1970s Hot Wheels spin off with a built-in motor and a tiny rechargeable battery. (The X-V racers of the 1990s were similar.) They were introduced in 1970 and became immediately popular. Sizzlers run on the regular "orange" Hot Wheels track, and Mattel created special race sets with U-Turns, multi-level spirals and loops to take advantage of the cars' electric motor. Two lane race sets such as the California/8 race set were developed that allowed Sizzlers to race side-by side, until Mattel created the black Fat Track which is three lanes wide with steep banked curves and designed to allow Sizzlers to run free. In action, Sizzlers display a unique, competitive "passing action" when running on the Fat Track, as if each car were piloted by an impatient driver trying to jockey ahead of the rest. The Fat Track sets included the "Big O", "California 500", and "Super Circuit" race sets, and accessories such as the "Scramble Start" (a four-car starting gate), "Lap Computer" four car lap counter, and "Race-Timer" stop watch.

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The Hot Wheels Track Builder System offers the ultimate track experience for boys by allowing them to design, create and customize their very own track challenges. Using a variety of stunts, layouts and essential pieces that work together or connect to existing sets, boys can be the master of their own track. The Hot Wheels Total Turbo Takeover features car activated and action-oriented stunts plus an all-new, two-way motorized booster. Boys can configure this set in a head-to-head racing showdown or re-configure it and flip a switch on the booster to send cars racing off in opposite directions. Includes 2 quick kick loops to amp up the stunt fun. When you’re ready to race, build it your way! Ages 4 and older.