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HTH Shock-N-Swim Weekly Shock Treatment ─ In the Swim

HTH Shock 'n Swim, 5pk

HTH 51442-02 Ultra Complete 6-in-1 Shock Treatment for Swimming Pools (10 Pack), 1 lb

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  • is 15% stronger than regular HTH shock and swim. HTH super shock contains 53% available chlorine; it dissolves quickly for an immediate chlorine boost. This product not only kills tiny organisms but helps prevents future algae outbreaks. As always, it is best to dissolve the shock in a bucket of water before broadcasting it in to the pool. The dosage for HTH pool shock is 1lb per 12,000 gallons, it is completely safe to swim after shocking; no need to wait! HTH pool shock can be used on any pool surface; it has a fast dissolving formula so it will not stain plaster or bleach vinyl liners.

    36 x 1 pound bagsUse weekly to kill bacteria, control algae, soften, clarify and polish dull waterContains calcium hypochlorite with 45% available chlorineHTH shock is buffered to reduce pH fluctuations during useDosage: 1-2 pounds per 11,500 gallonsHTH Sock It contains 45% available chlorine making it a very powerful yet safe chlorine shock treatment that allows you to swim immediately after use. Controls algae, bacteria and other organic contaminants using calcium hypochlorite. Use HTH shock on a weekly basis to prevent algae growth, polish dull water and restore water clarity. HTH Sock It is buffered to reduce pH fluctuations and to soften water. Comes in 36 x 1 pound bags. Dosage: 1-2 pounds per 11,500 gallons.

  • is a powerful yet safe shocks to use in your swimming pool. This will help control and kill algae. This product will also make your water feel softer and will polish dull looking water. It does contain 45% calcium hypochlorite, but is completely safe to swim after dispersing in your pool. It is recommended that this shock be dissolved into a bucket of water before being added to your pool. The dosage for HTH shock is flexible; it ranges from 1-2lbs per 11,500 gallons. If your pool is looking dull or cloudy you can use the dosage of 2lbs per 11,500 gallons.

    In addition to Filter Cleaner, HTH also makes a variety of other pool maintenance products. Find HTH test kits and test strips to measure pH, available chlorine and other critical measurements in your pool. HTH Pool Care has different types of chlorine available along with other products for sanitizing your pool. HTH shock and algae prevention products also help keep your pool clean and clear. Along with pool care products, HTH also has a line of hot tub products and spa care products.


  • Experience the very best of power and safety with HTH Shock N' Swim!

    HTH shock is a powerful product that will give your swimming pool a fast chlorine boost to kill off bacteria, algae and other organic contaminants. HTH pool shock will also improve the appearance of your pool water by restoring clarity, polish and brilliance. And as the name implies, you can start swimming right after shocking the pool!

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Only use HTH Pool Shock that does not have any algicides or fungicides. Ingredients should reads CALCIUM hypochlorite and inert ingredients. Use a brand with at least 73% Hypochlorite.