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iBaby Wi-Fi Wireless Digital Baby Video Camera with Night Vision and Music Player

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  • The second problem with iBaby is its reliance on an app. Sure, the app works a lot better than much of the competition, but without a standalone base station monitor, parents using iBaby to monitor a child who's just a few rooms away will either constantly be checking their phone, or draining their batteries by leaving it on.

    The iBaby Monitor M6S is one of the best cameras on the market, but its lack of a standalone monitor leaves a hole that a mobile app can't fill. Between that and the more expensive price, iBaby ends up being just good, when it could've been great.

  • The iBaby™ monitor follows your little one with an up/down, left/right swipe of your iOS 4.0+ touchscreen or click of your PC mouse, so you’re just one touch away no matter where you are. See your baby from your mobile device or PC, and when baby’s movement or cry activates alerts, you can respond immediately. Two-way audio lets your voice give comfort when you’re needed most, so you and baby are both reassured, wherever you happen to be. iBaby lifestyle Whether you're at work, the gym, on a business trip or running errands, seeing and hearing your baby is now as easy as swiping your iOS touchscreen or clicking your PC mouse. Up to 4 users in different locations share a single iBaby monitor, so relatives and friends can simultaneously watch, hear, speak to and sing with baby during birthdays, milestone events (such as first steps) or anytime. Even when you can't be there in person, you can still share the moment and capture it in photos.

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you no longer had to wait for a doctor’s appointment to see your pending bundle of joy? A concept design ultrasound device, known as (created by Jung Jun Hwang and Phillips), has the potential of allowing you to see your baby right from your smartphone. The iBaby ultrasound device connects to your iPhone, and within seconds, you would be able to see your unborn baby on your smartphone. You would also have the ability to instantly share the images via Wi-Fi with your friends and family (grandparents will love this idea).

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    There is no need to be concerned about not having a doctor present either, since the information from this ultrasound device is sent to your doctor from your smartphone. You doctor can then observe the ultrasound results, and provide you with updates without your having to leave the comfort of your home. The iBaby also doubles as a printer, so you can print your growing baby’s developments and put the images on your fridge or in a scrapbook. And once the baby arrives, the iBaby can become your baby monitor.

iBaby Monitor M6 iOS Installation

iBaby's M6T evokes a feeling that everything just works the way it should. Connectivity is a snap, the HD video feed is crisp, it's easy to send and save the media you record, and you don't need to worry about charging a stand-alone handheld unit (other than your phone). At $200, the price is right, without any need to spend extra money on a separate subscription. The iBaby M6T is a must-have for any parent in the market for a high-quality video monitor at a good price.