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A necessity for those joggers who have infants at home, jogger strollers are a life-saver.

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  • Fixed wheel jogging strollers have long been considered a must have for the serious dedicated runner. The thought being that even a locked swivel wheel will have more play and wobble in the front wheel when running than a product designed to stay fixed all the time. This wobble can increase vibration to the handle bar and runner, it can cause a potentially dangerous situation should the wobble be significant enough to cause the stroller to tip, and if the stroller hits a significant bump it could cause the whole thing to steer off course.

    Jogging strollers with swivel wheels have a front wheel that rotates freely when not locked. This freedom of movement makes these strollers better at maneuvering around and navigating tight turns and spaces. The swivel wheel increases the versatility of the stroller because it makes it easier to use for everyday errands, strolls to the park, festivals or shopping. Decide mid-way you want to jog a little? No problem, you just lock the front wheel in place and off you go with the perfect stroller for jogging.

  • Jogging style strollers are usually durable, rugged, and versatile. They are normally made with higher quality materials and might be some of the only options if you are looking for pneumatic tires on your stroller. In addition, even if you don't jog now you might find that getting out of the house with baby and having the option to jog is a great way to stay positive, bond with baby, lose the baby weight, and increase positive thinking. While standard strollers are usually made with a lot of plastic or heavier materials and can be heavy to fold and lug around, jogging products are often lighter, take up less space when folded, and still have the creature comforts you might be looking for like a storage bin or cup holders. Some parents find that the right jogger can act as their only stroller or at least their main one; both the , , and Thule Urban Glide are all good examples of strollers you might be able to use on a daily basis.

    We put each of the 13 strollers in our review through the paces that they are likely to face in everyday use with families. We literally these strollers with multiple testers and assessed every little nook and cranny in a side-by-side fashion to determine which products were worth consideration when making the purchase of a jogging stroller.

    Ever wonder what the best stroller is for jogging? In this review, we put 13 of the top jogging strollers to the test to determine which are the best in the bunch. Whether you plan to use this stroller as your main ride with the occasional jog, or you are a regular runner that doesn't want to miss a step once baby is old enough to run, our tests were designed to find the right stroller for every need. We tested everything from rolling resistance and tracking, to ease of use and maneuverability to determine the winners. Read on to find the best jogger for your needs.

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    by Juliet Spurrier MD, Carrie Vickers, and BabyGearLab Review Team

    The ease of use metric for this review includes features that make using the stroller easier, or allow you to use it for more than just running. Some of the products in the review included lots of features like parent consoles and child trays. However, unlike other stroller categories many of the higher end models of jogging strollers didn't offer many additional features because they really are dedicated to running. The higher a product rates in this metric the more enjoyable it will be to use for the most part. These strollers usually offer some kind of storage, a quick access pocket or console and a canopy that covers baby.

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Ultimately, these are all truly superb jogging strollers and the choice can be tough: what’s really going to seal the deal is standing behind one of these heavy-duty strolling machines and getting a feel for what they’ll be like on the road. If you can, we encourage you to and take our joggers on a proper test-drive. Our stroller experts will help you put these joggers through their paces, so you can decide which jogging stroller is the perfect companion for the adventures ahead!