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JumpKing Trampoline Safety Enclosure Net for Bazoongi Sams Club, 4'

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  • TAG : Designed to fit the latest model of Jumpking round trampolines only.
  • JumpKing Trampolines bring you the best quality of with an impressive design. Making it fully compatible with any 14ft and 15ft trampoline that has 5, 6 and 8 pole enclosure system, it protects your home trampoline from UV rays, protects it from the rain up to a greater extent, protects it from high winds with minute dust particles, delivers the extended confidence for jumping inside and enhances the overall look and feel with its impressive design and colors.

    Other harsh environmental factors like UV rays from the sun and moisture can take a toll on your trampoline over time. A proper-fitting weather cover protects your trampoline while not in use. JumpKing offers a high quality weather cover manufactured with a premium class of polyester material for 12ft. and 15ft. trampolines. This comes with hooks that attach the V-rings below the mat’s surface for maximum coverage.

  • Frame is made from standard galvanized steel and it is thick enough to handle force much more greater than stated in specs. There are 6 W-shaped support legs which support all jumpers withing weight limit, and much more… Steel frame is galvanized, meaning it is coated with protective layer of zinc to prevent rust. Also, all joints and connection points are reinforced with POD connectors (JumpKing version of T-connector from Skywalker).

    The 12ft Jumpking Premium Trampoline ensures kids play safely. Various sizes and shapes are available, they are robust and easy to assemble. The safety enclosure and surround pad prevents the jumper from bouncing on the frame springs and brings with it peace of mind, protecting your kids from accidental tumbles. It is supported by a G3 shock‐corded Rod that fits conveniently into the top of the enclosure poles, providing extra strength, durability and enhanced overall trampoline aesthetics.

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    This time we have exclusive model of 15 ft round trampoline coming from JumpKing, company well known for their brands Bazoongi /JumpPod and Orbounder. With such long reputation in manufacturing of trampolines, we expected nothing less than best American trampoline. Let us see what this JumpKing 15 ft trampoline is capable of…

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Our exclusive safety targeted fabric adds safety with every bounce. Unlike printed targets which usually wear off, our unique woven target provides a permanent safety advantage to the hopper. Our sun shield mat enhancement option gives added life to trampoline mats by protecting from UV Exposure. The easy fit mats are perfect replacement options for your existing/jumpking trampolines.