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JURASSIC WORLD DINOPREDATOR & T.REX & VELOCIRAPTOR : Boy White Top/T-Shirt 100%Cotton (M For 5-6 Yrs.W30" L19")

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  • We’re always working to make your Jurassic World™ theme park better!
    - World Boss Events: fixed issues with Boss damage counter, now displays updated progress correctly.
    - Other World Events: improved access to collecting rewards, upgraded service to provide more event types.
    - Fixed a number of crashes, improved general stability.
    - Fixed several minor bugs.
    - Miscellaneous improvements to game features and services.

    As always, thanks for playing!

    The Jurassic World Team

    "Bringing Jurassic World to life as an interactive exhibit is truly an awe-inspiring guest experience. We've been so pleased with the incredible engagement that Jurassic World: The Exhibition has experienced in Melbourne, Australia, now is the perfect time to bring the exhibit to Philadelphia and the U.S.," said David O'Connor, Executive Vice President Global Brand Marketing & Partnerships, Universal Pictures. "Creating immersive, new ways for consumers to interact with Jurassic World is part of our long-term plan to extend and deepen touch points with the brand worldwide."

  • Transforming the breathtaking dinosaurs from Jurassic World into an immersive and educational experience for the public, the Exhibition was created in close collaboration with renowned paleontologist Jack Horner, who served as a Paleontological Advisor on the Jurassic World film. The astonishing display features the closest simulation of dinosaurs ever created, based on the real-world of dinosaur DNA, including authentic fossils and paleontological specimens. The larger-than-life Exhibition made its world premiere in Melbourne, Australia at the Melbourne Museum in March 2016 and has achieved record-breaking attendance.

    Guests can discover the prehistoric creatures that ruled the earth for over 100 million years, from the first astounding sight of the 24-foot tall towering Brachiosaurus, to a riveting encounter with a life-size Tyrannosaurus Rex the experience is a fascinating and realistic simulation of an actual visit to the Park as seen in Jurassic World. Through advanced technology developed by Creature Technology Company, visitors can explore the wonders of Jurassic World as they take on the role of actual guests and tour the Park through lifelike re-creations of the iconic moments from the record-breaking global film franchise.

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Jurassic World Trailer: What You Might Have Missed - IGN

The good news is that he will be back for as Owen Grady. One of the core problems with previous Jurassic Park sequels was that they were a lot of the same. Jurassic World tried to do some very different things, and one of those things involved Owen actually being able to train raptors, which made for some of the best sequences in the movie. Given the events of the first movie, it is unlikely we will be seeing Owen still training Raptors in , but we do know that he will be back and that he will again be one of the lead characters in the movie. Maybe we'll get to see him train a T-Rex this time around? Okay, probably not, but he's coming back.