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Barnett Outdoors Junior Team Realtree Lil Banshee Compound Archery Set

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  • There are many ways to determine right or left eye dominance. The most effective way we have found is to cut a 1” hole in the center of a standard 8.5x11” piece of paper. Have them hold the piece of paper away from them and focus on an object they can see through the hole that is at least 15 feet away. Be sure that their arm is fully extended as they look through the hole in the paper. As they are focusing on the object through the paper hole have them close their left eye and then their right. They should notice that when one eye is closed they will no longer see the object. If they can only see the object when their left eye is closed they are right eye dominant, meaning they need a right handed kids bow and arrow. And visa versa.

    If your young archer is showing signs of true interest and they are ready for something more advanced, you may want to consider upgrading them into a fully equipped kids bow and arrow model. Depending on the type of activities they will be engaging in when shooting, many youth compound bows are available ranging from intermediate models up to the more complex hunting models.

  • Here at 3Rivers Archery, we have noticed a new trend with kids rediscovering bows and arrows. We’re excited to see more and more young couples with kids looking for, and buying, starter bow sets, bows, arrows, gloves, tabs, quivers, and all the other accessories. If we can introduce these youngsters to archery early on, chances are good that a high percentage will continue shooting all their lives. Fun for them and good for archery.

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