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Syma S107/S107G R/C Helicopter with Gyro- Red

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  • Billionaire businessman offered kids helicopter rides in a show of wealth as he bragged Saturday that he is willing to spend $1 billion on his presidential campaign.

    Mini Kids Helicopter Battery Operated Excellent Design Helicopeter Indoor/Outdoor, Auto system, 360 Degree revolve Build in melody, Flashing lights & music

  • One of the hottest new toys this year is the radio controlled (RC) helicopter. These things are everywhere and it seems like everyone’s house I go over to has one (and by the way they are not just for kids, a lot of my adult friends play with them just as much). I remember when these toys first came out, they were made with cheap Styrofoam and plastic, only had one propeller and was near impossible to control. Well, they are still made from plastic which is only slightly more durable (although some have metal components), but the dual prop helicopters are much easier and a lot of fun. Below is our pick for the best kids toy helicopter.

    This WLtoys V262 Cyclone kids rc helicopter features built-in 6 axis gyro system so that your toddler should have no problem flying it with ease. It is pretty large, and it is easy to fly for pilots of an level. It has foam that is not only very lightweight, but also inreases durability of a quadcopter in order for your child not to worry where or when will it fly. Pretty durable and at the same time begginers-level body makes it even easier to stir, and also help you overcome an obstacle, and beat even the strongest wind. If your child gets bored with monotone flying, all it has to do is just press the “Trick Mode” button and the V262 will automatically be made into a stunt model capable of performing even the deadliest tricks and maneuvers. Its four rotors are driven each by individual motor, and protected in plastic housings. The rotor blades, on the other side, are gear driven, not connected directly to the motors. The whole package includes 2.4 transmitter which means that you shouldn’t have any worries about signal interferences.

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The helicopter for toddler is a timed three round matching game, featuring awesome real and toy helicopters. The first round in the kids helicopter game is 100 seconds and each after that is 10 seconds less, so your little pilot will have the time to improve each round. And the added bonus is this helicopter kids game is age appropriate for toddlers (if you play with them) & preschoolers because there are not a large amount of differing icons, so matching is super fun!