: That citadel is easily 25 kilometers away.

During 's , Kilowog appears to aid Hal during his battle against .

: That's a good question, Kilowog. I got another one: what do we do with the one we just captured?

Green Lantern Series 1: Kilowog Action Figure

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  • TAG : John DiMaggio - Good for a cartoonish Kilowog.
  • (Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn 2 #4, 6) - Kilowogand the Green Lantern Corps put down a revolt on Korugar. They learned from themob's leader Katma-Tui that they were rebelling against Green Lantern Sinestro'styrannical rule of the planet. The Guardians put Sinestro on trial for abusinghis power, and Kilowog told Hal Jordan he was in shock, no Lantern had everturned to the dark side like Sinestro. Katma-Tui was appointed the new Lanternof Korugar, and Kilowog said he was looking forward to training a new Lanternwith an attitude problem.

    (Green Lantern III #100) - Kilowog and the Corpshelped Green Lantern Hal Jordan and time-traveling GL Kyle Rayner defeatSinestro and prevented him from setting an asteroid on a collision course withOa.

  • (GreenLantern III #24) - Kilowog and the Corps responded to a distress signal fromBrik, who was battling Star Sapphire alongside Hal Jordan. Kilowog and the Corpsdefeated Sapphire and her ally Flicker, who wanted to force the Corps members tofight for him as mercenaries.

    Gruff and tough with a bit of an attitude, Kilowog never acts without a plan. He also possesses his race's natural super strength and durability.

    Kilowog / Green Lantern
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  • Kilowog

    Real Name



    Bolovax Vik


    Bolovax Vikian


    Green Lantern Corps

    Abilities and Powers

    Power Ring

    First Appearance

    Chill of the Night

    Voiced By

    Diedrich Bader

    (GreenLantern III #25) - Kilowog and the Corps were on hand to watch Hal Jordan andGuy Gardner fight it out to determine who would be Earth's Green Lantern. TheCorps held the Justice League back from interfering, but seeing the toll Hal andGuy's battle was taking on New York City they demanded they change the nature ofthe fight or take it to space. Hal and Guy fought man to man without powerrings. Hal won, and the Corps celebrated.

Kilowog and the other Lanterns decide to take action.

He was present when Hal Jordan, a fellow Green Lantern, who had joined the corps after him, came to see the Guardians of Oa. The two both thought it was unfair of the guardians to not tell them about the other Green Lanterns of considerable distance, who receive very little training once being chosen by the Power ring. Kilowog and Hal were shown a hidden ship by , a member of the Guardians of Oa. Ganthet assured them that he only showed them the ship because they were just visiting.