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  • After discovering the identity of the maiden that had won Prince Charming's heart at the royal ball to be none other than Cinderella, Lady Tremaine immediately locked her in her room when it came time for Anastasia and Drizella to try on a single glass slipper that had been left behind when the girl fled. Enraged, Lady Tremaine used the evil in her heart to turn Cinderella's pumpkin carriage into an Unversed, the Cursed Carriage, but her scheme backfired when one of the fire bombs it produced landed on her and her daughters and burned them to death. (Though Tremaine and her daughters can still be heard screaming after the bomb fell on them. That, and the fact that they were never killed in the film, suggests that they survived, and were merely blown away by the bomb)

    Lady Tremaine joins so she may have her revenge to get rid of 's royal life and desstroy for helping her. She also wants to be royal and take over other worlds with an iron fist.

  • On a day when the prince throws a ball and the fortune is all most fully spilled she wants her daughters to charm the prince so one of them can marry him and enrich the family. She promises Cinderella can go as long as she finishes all her chores. Surprised by Cinderella having a beautiful dress and finished all of her chores she smoothly orders her daughters to ruin the dress. Then they all go to the ball but the prince is charmed by another lady who suddenly leaves by twelve leaving a glass slipper. He let the Duke search in all the kingdom after the maiden who fits the slipper. She doesn't want Cinderella to have a chance and locks her up in the tower. After her daughters both fail with fitting and marry the prince she sais there is no other maiden in the house to fit the slipper. But then Cinderella comes, freed by the mice Jaq and Gus, and tries to fit the slipper. Lady Tremaine tries to ruin it again by breaking the glass slipper but then Cinderella reveals to be the girl by showing the other slipper that fits, later she marries the prince and they have a son named .

    Lady Tremaine was introduced as one of the villains imprisoned in the . She appears as the grandmother of many daughters and sons of ther daughters(one of them named ). She is also one of the teachers of with her cat as a mascot.

    Lady Tremaine

    Full Name

    Lady Tremaine


    The Wicked Stepmother, the Evil Stepmother, the Bad Stepmother


    Ruin Cinderella's life


    Gets dressed up as a servant

  • I never go back on my word.
    ~ Lady Tremaine

    Lady Tremaine (AKA the "Wicked Stepmother") is the main antagonist of Disney's 1950 film and its 2 saga sequels. As the arch-enemy of Cinderella, Lady Tremaine doesn't harm her stepdaughter physically. Rather, she seeks to punish and abuse her psychologically, motivated by her jealousy of Cinderella being far more beautiful than her own daughters, and . Lady Tremaine is also a socialite, determined to gain higher status by marrying one of her daughters to Prince Charming or another bachelor of noble blood.

Lady Tremaine Concept Art by Mary Blair - Cinderella

Lady Tremaine consents that Cinderella may attend the Royal Ball - that is, she can finish all her chores find a suitable dress. She then proceeds to heap chore after chore on Cinderella. Despite this, when Cinderella appears ready for the ball in a suitable dress (her mother's, altered to be more fashionable by her mice and bird friends), Lady Tremaine indirectly (but intentionally) points out that Cinderella is wearing Drizella's old beads and Anastasia's old sash that they threw away earlier in the day. This prompts Drizella and Anastasia to viciously tear Cinderella's dress apart, leaving her unable to attend the ball. When Cinderella, with the help of the , nevertheless attends the ball, her stepfamily does not recognize her. This was because of a combination of their belief that Cinderella was at home with her dress in tatters, the fact that Cinderella's new dress was in a different style from her old one, and the fact she was made up so very differently to her usual appearance. Lady Tremaine does note a familiarity about her as she dances with Prince Charming. She is not, however, permitted to study Cinderella long enough to make the connection, as the closes the curtains to give them privacy.