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Lollapalooza Chile es para todos.

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Porter Robinson at Lollapalooza
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Pinegrove playing Petrillo Bandshell at Lollapalooza

Pinegrove’s smaller Lollapalooza set at Toyota Music Den

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  • It wasn’t until I started writing down dates to take with me to a doctor’s appointment that I realized how long I’d been sick. Weariness and lethargy after Mamby on the Beach. A nasty, lingering cough after the whirling baseball diamond dust storms of Pitchfork. A fever that confined me to bed for days after Lollapalooza. I ended up with a timeline that showed I’d been sick for two straight months.

    All summer, I soaked my panties to Jeremih and my sneakers in vast puddles, fueled by funnel cake and free energy drinks. I glared at bros in Camelbaks and visors screaming racial slurs along with rap songs and saw limp teenagers cradling each other through severe serotonin distress on curbs. I got hugs from people I only recognized from Twitter profile photos and made out with a Southside rapper in the Lollapalooza media tent. I even took a nap on the beach while The Black Madonna played me a personal soundtrack of Chicago house.

  • After establishing itself as a major world player from its Grant Park base in Chicago, Lollapalooza's giant swirling lollypop of music has made its way through Santiago de Chile, São Paulo and Buenos Aires.

    With a well-received debut and a growing fan base, Bob Moses soon found themselves performing on the festival circuit all over the globe, from Lollapalooza to Coachella to Europe’s famed Sonar festival.

  • Since then, Kelley and Huber have put in appearances at nationally and internationally renowned festivals such as Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo and Glastonbury. In 2013, the band headlined Friends of the Festival's experiment in featuring electronic dance music on a side stage at Riverbend.

2016 Lollapalooza Poster — Signed & Numbered Edition

And though things changed over the years — the names (and the crowds) got bigger, the festival went dark from 1998-2002, then found new life (and a permanent home) in Chicago's Grant Park in 2005 — the idea behind Lollapalooza has remained the same throughout: find the coolest acts regardless of genre, throw 'em on a stage and get out of the way. It hasn't always been pretty, but along the way, it's led to some pretty magical moments over the past two decades, to be sure.