The world has been out to get lefties for thousands of years

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A new study suggests lefties are rare because of the balance between cooperation and competition in human ..

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  • Agreed. I’d only elaborate a little in your fourth paragraph. Opposite-hand hitters — lefties versus righties, or vice-versa — have the advantage because they seldom have to deal with pitches that break away. When a lefty batter is up against a righty pitcher, for example, the batter knows the pitcher’s stuff won’t break away, UNLESS the pitcher has a screwball or backdoor slider. Most do not.

    The world has been out to get lefties for thousands of years. And while we no longer force 10% of the population to learn to write with their right hand or burn them at the stake as witches, the odds still aren’t stacked in their favor.

  • If your response is to say that mouse button behaviours can be switched, don't. I've never seen a left handed person use a mouse on the left. Why? Because a mouse is simple to operate, and nearly all the hotkeys in common operating systems (Alt/Ctrl/Shift with Z/X/C/V/B/N/M/Q/W/E/R/T/A/S/D/F/G/H) can be done solely with the left hand. Left handers can use a computer two handed faster and more conveniently than right handers.

    But this breakdown for left versus right in Fido as well as Coco is about 50-50, eschewing humans' overwhelmingly right-sided population-handedness. That even-handed, if you will, split extends to non-mammals such as fiddler crabs, whose enlarged claw for fighting develops on either side in equal measure.

  • The research conducted at the Australian National University (ANU) seems to back up earlier studies showing that left- or right-handedness is determined in the womb and that many lefties process language using both hemispheres of the , as opposed to righties, who seem to use primarily the left hemisphere for this purpose.

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