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LEGO Super Heroes Black Panther Pursuit 76047

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  • How do you like the LEGO DC Black Manta Deep Sea Strike set, LEGO fans? Is this set too LEGO Batman rehash-y for your tastes, or are you excited to add LEGO Black Manta and friends to your collection this winter?

    And while the LEGO Batman minifigures and submarine likely won’t be a great selling-point for this set for those tired of LEGO Batman, Aquaman likely won’t be either. Longtime LEGO Superheroes collectors are likely to already have a LEGO Aquaman minifigure, as he was first released last year in the (which you can still get online for under 20 bucks online).I was a big fan of LEGO 76000 (), and I can definitely seen where folks who already have that set won’t want to spend twice as much to get the 2015 LEGO Black Manta Deep Sea Strike Set. Even so, I really love the LEGO Black Manta minifigure and the Black Manta Submarine, and those elements are compelling enough to potentially score my dollars come January. The LEGO Black Manta Attack Shark figure is also all kinds of cool!

  • The Lego Black Pearl set 4184 is for Pirates Of the Caribbean fans and those that love this iconic pirate ship from one of the most successful movie franchises of all time.

    Of the Winter 2015 LEGO DC sets, the one that feels the most like a LEGO Batman set (and which gives us the least new characters) is the 76027 LEGO Black Manta Sea Strike set. Though this set is proudly emblazoned with the new LEGO Justice League logo, it feels just like a LEGO Batman set thanks to the inclusion of a LEGO Bat Submarine and LEGO Minifigures of Batman and LEGO Scuba Robin.

  • After discussing the 2015 and sets, there’s one more LEGO DC 2015 set that was revealed today to talk about: the LEGO Black Manta Deep Sea Strike 76027! This set isn’t going to be for everyone–especially many LEGO collectors who already have the LEGO Aquaman minifigure–but there’s definitely some worthy incentives for those who do decide to pick up LEGO 76027!

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