Classic Space Astronaut Lego Minifigure

LEGO Minifigures Series 16 collection is available now, with each mystery bag priced £2.99.

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  • A lot of my old early/mid eighties smiley face lego figures where from the space series (my favourite) and the first thing I did after building them was work how how fast it should be, if it transforms for hyperspace (wings folded to the smallest profile) and what where the guns. My Lego men never engaged in hand to hand (smacked together) but they did Dog Fight alot.

    But Bartneck’s paper seems to cast Lego’s own early history in too rosy of a light. Even when I was eight or nine I never viewed Legos as some PBS toy. When my brother and I got the Lego cop station, the first thing we did was make a huge Lego prison, and then a giant Lego A-Team van. And then we made another van, and loaded both up with bricks, and put a driver on them, and smashed them into each other from great distances across the living room floor. If it was a good wreck, the Lego minifig with the happy expression was decapitated.

  • The official pictures for the latest installment to the LEGO Minifigures Series has been published on , as well as from . The Simpsons minifigures will be available for sale in May and will be priced at $4 USD each. This will probably be the hottest selling LEGO minifigures series to date. Thanks to everyone who contacted us with the news.

    Given that Lego Minifigs have at most seven points of articulation, and are smaller than an adult pinkie, my guess is that children play with the newer, angrier Lego Minifigs the same way I did: You grasp the minfig at his shoulders between your thumb and forefinger, make him hop up and down as you speak a few lines of expository dialogue (Something like, “I’m gonna kill you,”) and then smash him into an adversary drop-kick style. Facial expression has zilch to do with that.

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    Christopher Bartneck, a researcher at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand, has concluded that Lego minifigs most commonly feature happy or angry expressions, but the proportion of angry or combative faces is on the rise. Moreover, the angry faces and happy faces are not necessarily assigned to heroic or villainous characters appearing in the Lego sets. Everyone’s got a grim, or disdainful, or fearful, or pissed-off expression, regardless of alignment.

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So I have your “The Star Wars Lego Minifigure Catalog” 4th Edition and plan on purchasing your new 5th Edition book soon. I was wondering if you had any more 4th Edition books for sale. My son got ahold of my 4th Edition and is a huge Star Wars fan, and that has left it in some pretty bad shape. I would like to replace it if possible. Also I will likely be buying two of the 5th Editions so he can have one of his own.