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  • Lego Super Heroes is a theme and product range of the construction toy, introduced in 2011. The line features both and characters. The DC Comics part of the line was launched first, being released in late 2011. The Marvel Comics part of the line was launched on April 10, 2012, to be featured alongside the 2012 film .

    So I was very pleased this week when I saw online that ! This sale includes all of the LEGO Iron Man sets, the LEGO Avengers sets, the LEGO X-Men and Spider-Man sets, the LEGO Batman sets, and the LEGO Man of Steel sets. A couple of the Avengers LEGO Superheroes sets have already sold out at the sale prices, but most of the sets are still available (including the LEGO Daily Bugle set that comes with a LEGO Nova minifigure–I never thought I’d like to see that).

  • What do you think of the LEGO 2014 Hero Factory sets, LEGO fandom? Does anything here strike your fancy, or is LEGO Hero Factory just not your thing?

    The LEGO Hero Factory 2014 sets are expected to be released by January 1st, 2014, but the sets will likely hit some retailers before that official release date. , and I’ll send out an update via the Facebook Newsfeed once these 2014 Hero Factory LEGO sets are sighted for sale in stores or online.

    Bulk:Bulk is the smartest hero in the Lego Hero Factory. Part of the HRT. He brings peace.

  • Lego Super Heroes
    Subject Super Heroes
    Licensed from DC Comics
    Marvel Comics
    Availability 2011–present
    Total sets 62
    Characters DC Universe
    Marvel Universe
    Official website

    On Saturday, Toys R Us stores nationwide will host the LEGO Super Hero Building Event, a children’s make and take program. Burlington County’s store is in Burlington Township, at the intersection of Route 541 and Cadillac Road, and will hold the event from noon to 2 p.m.

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Can Batman avoid the trapdoors and the pitfalls, or will he fail miserably? Will he suffer the full force of the hammer and the moving floor? It’s up to you to find out with the amazing LEGO Super Heroes the Dynamic Duo Funhouse Escape (6857). Besides being highly entertaining, this toy also faces children with certain phenomena and objects that they will encounter later in life.

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