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This awesome F-4 Phantom is one of the best Lego jets I've ever seen. Michael Schulte. 10/01/14 4:00pm. Filed to: airplanes. cool;

LEGO Creator 31039 Blue Power Jet Building Kit

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  • This is a project made by my 12 year old son. The rest of the project is in his words.
    Lego Jets is an ides sort of like Lego Architecture. It would be great for people that like the Airforce. Each set would come with a different jet and a stand. They would probobly cost about $20-$30.

    is a thriving metropolis with a growing population and it is important that the city has a large, functional airport. The airport is the ideal hub for all passengers looking to jet off to fantastic new destinations, for cargo planes bringing in deliveries and for all the other service planes that help the city function. A diverse fleet and a strong base means lots of creative play. The following sets are a range of airport kits and interesting LEGO jets and planes for aviation fans.

Some of the best Lego planes and jets - YouTube