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LEGO Star Wars Set #7128 Speeder Bikes

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  • Lego Imperial Speeder Bike TM produziert 2009 Jahr. Geeignet für Kinder 5-10 Jahre. Imperial Speeder Bike TM besteht aus 30 einzelheit. Lego Imperial Speeder Bike TM 30005

    We’ve had ample LEGO Speeder Bike sets released in the past, but this one is definitely the most unique-looking, with its wild Michelangelo-colored green-and-orange colors. It’s a lot of fun to look at visually, and easily my favorite Speeder Bike ever due to its vibrant color scheme (though I’m sure folks will hate it for the same reason).

  • Overall: Four of the five portions of this set are completely solid, so this set earns an overall ‘B’. The price-per-piece value is totally fair, the LEGO Speeder Bikes are fun (particularly Ezra’s), LEGO Stormtroopers are always welcome for army-building, and it’s nice to have an Ezra minifig for those who didn’t want the Phantom set.

    Seeing how small the LEGO Speeder Bikes were, I legitimately thought I’d have this set built in twenty minutes. But nope–the full build for the set (including applying stickers) took me a full hour (with the stickers taking me forever to place perfectly).

  • Aran Hudson () is organising a LEGO speeder bike contest over on Flickr. The contest takes place at the and the thread for the announcement and discussion and the .

LEGO Speeder bike - Sobaka21 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

I have a hunch that Ezra Bridger himself will end up being a divisive character among fandom, but I can definitely see the character of Ezra flying around on this ridiculously colorful LEGO Speeder Bike.