Lego The Flash - First Look: "Don't Blink" Trailer

LEGO The Flash: Crimson Comet - Episode 2 “Gorilla Warfare”

LEGO Superheroes Gorilla Grodd Goes Bananas

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  • TAG : The Flash enjoys going to the zoo just like everyone else ..
  • I have absolutely no clue what the rationale is for sticking the LEGO Riddler into a race car, but whatever–because the racing theme is what paves the road (so to speak) for the set’s real star–the first ever LEGO Flash minifigure! LEGO collectors have been demanding more DC LEGO Superheroes icons like The Flash since the day the LEGO Batman theme was announced, and that demand increased ten-fold once The Flash was featured in the “LEGO Batman 2” video game a few years back. Now, at long last, the LEGO The Flash minifigure will be racing into collectors’ homes in 2014!

    Now that the long-awaited 2013 LEGO Star Wars summer sets finally arrived in the United States last week, LEGO collectors have been dying to know what’s next from LEGO and when we can expect to learn more about the LEGO 2014 sets lineup! Never a company to leave fans unsatisfied, LEGO decided to give us our first 2014 LEGO sets glimpses today, including a minifigure fans have requested for years now! Coming in January 2014, it’s the 2014 LEGO Batman The Riddler Chase set… with LEGO The Flash minifigure!

  • EXCLUSIVE: DC COMICS GOES LEGO WITH THE FLASH, GREEN LANTERN, AND MORE. Turns out that the fine folks over at DC Comics are a bunch of blockheads. No, I’m not calling them stupid, you dummy; rather, they’re huge fans of LEGO and they’re wearing their love of interlocking bricks on their sleeve this fall with a series of LEGO-inspired covers in support of LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham.

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