How to make your own LEGO dragon wings

How to build LEGO Wings and Landing gear [MD-11]

Lego Chima x1 White Wings Silver Armor Shoulder Pads Minifigure Bird Angel New

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  • The 76018 LEGO Falcon figure also includes the requisite wings, which are a solid translucent red piece of plastic. It’s cumbersome trying to position Falcon near other figures thanks to the huge red wings. I wish that LEGO has found a way to make the wings articulated so that they could be folded down, but these LEGO Falcon wings look pretty cool nonetheless.

    I think these look great and compared to other Lego wings, these take the cake. Working on customizing come Chima Lego Characters and will use these wings on several of them once I am done.

  • So what do you think? Do you like to build LEGO dragons? Did you like this tutorial on how to make your own LEGO dragon wings? Feel free to share in the comment section below! Also, Nuju Metru kindly agreed to answer any questions you may have about this tutorial or his other LEGO creations, so feel free to ask him anything you like, and he will stop by to answer your inquiries. 😉

    Comparing to lego wings they are just perfect. Big, full of details and your minifig look like it could really fly. They beat the Chima one in every aspect. I would definitely get them in every color if they cost less.

  • LEGO Wings of Fire: The Video Game is a fan-created video game based on the book series by Tui T. Sutherland. So far the game covers at least the first three books, although this game is currently in progress.

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These wings are great! With the various colors you can create all kinds of new creatures. Add the same color tail and *bam* you got yourself a new demon. Try replacing standard * lego brand wings with these to really enhance your dragons.