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Basic Fun Lite Brite Magic Screen

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  • In this edition of HCF’s Fly Tying Recipes, we offer Howard Cole’s “LiteBright Serendipity“. As always, each fly pattern shared in our recipe section was designed by the owners, guides or staff at High Country Flies. Check out this recipe to see a larger photo, get fly tying tips and receive expert advice on how to fish this fly most effectively.

    Hook: Tiemco 2457, sizes 12 – 18
    Thread: Uni-thread 8/0, tan
    Abdomen: Olive Z-Lon, twisted
    Thorax: Dubbed Pearlescent LiteBright and Sparkle Hare’s Mask
    Head: Silver bead

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    yes it is a lightbulb. I am 85% sure of that. otherwise one of your litebrite pegs got misplaced.

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