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A file cabinet that is fun for both kids and adults, the all new Alden Locking Drawer Cabinet is the perfect place to house your i

South Shore Morgan Collection Storage Cabinet, Solid Black

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  • Storage cabinets with electronic lock allow inventory access to authorized users only. Security cabinets are made with strong 14 gauge all welded steel. Electronic key cabinets are equipped with a pushbutton electronic keypad lock that includes one combination. Electronic cabinets have a 3 point locking mechanism with a 1/2" deadbolt that locks and unlocks by typing in a code or with the master key. Electronic Lock Cabinets include a programming bypass for codes that are forgotten. Includes 3 adjustable shelves with 800 lb. shelf capacity. Model 237145 comes with 2 adjustable shelves and 6 door shelves. Shelves adjust at 2" increments. Programming instructions included. Mobile Cabinets feature sturdy 3" diameter swivel casters. Durable enamel finish. Choose from Charcoal or White. Ships Assembled.

    Strong Hold® All-Welded Keypad Lock Cabinets control access to sensitive supplies or documents with the built-in security and protection of a numbered keypad for use in office and warehouse storage areas. Clearview Door cabinets make visual inspection of shelf contents easy. Solid Door cabinets allow complete privacy and security for stored items. Cabinets feature all-welded 12-gauge steel construction and powder coat finish for long lasting durability and reliability. Available shelf capacities are 1200, 1650, and 1900 lbs. Includes 1 year limited warranty. Dimensions vary per model.

  • Obviously it really depends on your comfort level, but these are nowhere near as secure as a good firearm safe. However, many of the low priced safes marketed for firearms are also not ideal (I've heard of several instances of people buying a cheap gun safe at Wal-Mart and then finding out that merely dropping it is enough to open it.) My ccw instructors were happy to discuss the pros and cons of various safes, brands and models…so I'm sure you could find some informed instructors to offer recommendations. At the very least, do some research and read reviews. Though any lock is better than no lock and you could always combine a locking cabinet with an affordable trigger lock for some peace of mind.

    I have a question, and I apologize for veering a bit from the original topic: Would these types of locking cabinets be appropriate for locking a gun away from a young child? Husband and I are a few years away from making a baby, but I already worry about how to deal with his gun. He feels more secure having it accessible, and it's currently in his nightstand. Obviously it needs to be locked up when baby comes, but he would prefer not to have it locked in the safe in our spare room. Would something like this be an adequate compromise? Or do we need something more secure?


    Locking Medicine Cabinet




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    022466KP Lockable Storage Cabinet24"H x 18.5"W x 18"D
    024514KP Lockable Storage Cabinet24
    025841KP Tall Storage Cabinet46"H x 18.5"W x 12"D
    026188KP Lockable Storage Cabinet - 4 shelves

    Hell yeah it's a challenge I'm willing to do! I've rounded up a bunch of cool locking cabinets that I'd be more than happy to have in my bedroom.

Maple 2-Door Locking Storage Cabinet

Steel Two Doors lockable filing cabinetYou will find many different types of lockable file cabinet you'll find on the market. Selecting th...