Placing the Makeup Vanity Table in the Right Place


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  • If you decide to install the makeup vanity table in your own bathroom you may also include a hidden cabinet behind the mirror, which will give you sufficient space to stuff your makeup and hairdressing items such as straightener, dryer, brushes, botlles, etc.

    You can install the vanity table in your bathroom, convert old, unused room, sitting area or attic, or in a picked corner of your bedroom. If you have an extra space in your attic, you can even opt for converting it into a personal walk-in closet with the perfect makeup vanity table of your dreams inside.

  • For a start, you might think of the ways and elements you want to use when designing your makeup vanity table which can add a great value in your hectic mornings. For an example, you can make use of some unused or antique items you already have in your home. For the dressing table, you can reuse an old study table or install a brand new one.

    Have you been dreaming since forever of having a Zen bathroom retreat inside your house, with a gracious makeup vanity that’s completely yours to enjoy in? If the months ahead hold a bathroom remodel, make sure you consider creating your personal and unique makeup vanity. In order to fit all your needs, you can maximize its use and design, by minimalisticly blending your makeup area with the rest of your bathroom and integrating it into an original vanity. You can install a ready-made makeup vanity table or go for a chic and cool DIY idea in whatever corner you want it to be and in whichever way you find it comfortable.

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  • Stain or paint the makeup vanity table. If you plan to leave the top bare with no type of covering, apply a couple of coats of sealer. This enables someone applying makeup to wipe up spills easily. If the table is square, consider installing small or large tiles. Mirror tiles can be installed to create a top as well.

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For starters, you might want to think of things that might make your vanity table a great utility for you in the hectic mornings. You could either choose to set up a DIY makeup vanity table in whichever way you find comfortable for you and in whatever corner you want it to be. You could set up your table in your bathroom or even a selective corner of your bedroom. Whatever place you choose, it should be one that can provide you with sufficient space that you need to get ready for the day.