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Wisehands Jewelry Making Tools Kit, 16 High Quality Jewelry Making Tools, Black Zippered Case

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  • A: Fall is a great season for jewelry wearing, I love the idea of a statement pendant necklace with layers and scarves. To be honest, I am not big into following trends, because I try to keep designs that are not trendy or will go out of style in a few years. I love making jewelry that my customers love years down the road, and try to stick to a classic, approachable style.

    Many jewelry designers start off making jewelry as a hobby. Courtney Weil has a similar story. After selling jewelry as a teen to raise money, she began to see she had an eye for great pieces. After attending Georgia Tech and Emory University, she started .

  • By making your own accessories, you will surely impress and surprise your guest. Below you can find some useful tips about how to make handmade jewelry, from earrings and necklaces to bracelets and headbands.

    Use these tutorials to expand your skills, or offer them to customers as a resource. Many contain FREE printable step-by-step instructions and beading patterns. Perfect for jewelry-making classes. These new videos make learning jewelry-making techniques easier than ever!

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  • This is WigJig University, your online source for information on hand crafted jewelry making projects.  Here we post tips and techniques on how to use wire and jewelry supplies; designs for making jewelry; home decor projects with beads and wire; holiday projects; a gallery with pictures of finished pieces; and our online encyclopedia. No soldering is required in any of our projects.  Many of these free projects and designs use jewelry tools, jewelry wire, and jewelry supplies from our online store

    We try to provide a variety of projects, using a variety of techniques and jewelry tools.  We seek to employ jewelry tools in ways that are unique.  If you visit the "College of Wire Techniques", you will see that we try to provide instructions on how to accomplish these projects, including how to use the jewelry tools involved.   

    What an amazing art project is this! It has been entirely made from recycled stuff. We have collected a number of old things and reused them to create this masterpiece. We have used variety of chains, Jewels, rings, etc. Yet you can make any jewelry art of your own choice. You can wear it on a wedding or a function.

DIY Wre Jewelry Making: How to make Family Jewels Necklace

My name is Lorri and I've been making jewelry and selling my own jewelry designs successfully for several years, now. It all started as a hobby, but people liked my work so much that someone suggested I start selling my jewelry. So, one day I decided to see if I could sell my designs on-line. In my first month selling jewelry just part-time on eBay, I did nearly $1,000 in sales!