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  • Nintendo recently announced some new in time for Christmas for its 3DS and DSI XL consoles to tempt consumers to part with their cash. The 3DS in particular has seen a slow start to its shelf life since it was first released earlier in the year. But now we are seeing more games being released that should see the take up of the device improve. Today we can tell you about the Mario Kart 7 3DS steering wheel that will have you racing to the finish line.

    This is definitely worth checking out, considering how the Nintendo 3DS XL already costs $200 as a standalone device, meaning you save $39.99 from purchasing a copy of Mario Kart 7 separately. Perhaps those who are very conscious about their spending, and would want to do so wisely this coming holiday season will give serious consideration to the Mario Kart 7 3DS XL bundle.

  • i for one am ready to race i always play mario kart 7 on 3ds! anyone who want to challenge me get online multiplayer on the games main screen and then press online multiplayer and look for megan bays. Bring it on!

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