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Full Size White Medical Mattress in Memory Foam

Best Price Mattress 8-Inch Memory Foam Mattress, Queen

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  • The MemorGel Mattress, and the MemorGel Plus Mattress come in all sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, Standard Eastern King and California King. This is a fully U.S. made product. All of the materials used in this bed, and the construction of the mattress were all produced in the U.S., under strict quality controls.

    It is also possible to choose a matching foundation. The optional 8" DuraLife foundation is made of kiln-dried, yellow southern pine andis covered in an identical quilted Modena fabric, the same as the mattress. The height of the Mattress is 11" and with the 8" foundation it comes to a total height of 19". We highly recommend that you use this firm, well built foundation with our MemorGel mattress. We offer a 30 day trial and free shipping within the continental USA on this mattress. If you are not fully satisfied with your MemorGel Mattress or Mattress Set please call for return authorization within 30 days for a full refund. You are only responsible for return shipping costs.

  • Environmentally Friendly Materials Made in the USA
    All of the foams used in the MemorGel mattress, from the gel enhanced memory foam, to the open celled foam, all the way down to the foam base layer are made of 25% soy ingredients. This does not change the feel of the foam at all, but does have two important benefits….

    If this mattress has sparked your interest, but you want something more... we also offer the MemorGel Plus Mattress. The MemorGel Mattress, and the MemorGel Plus Mattress are both lavishly comfortable mattresses. However, there are a few differences:


  • Many mattress stores use the term "Pillow Top Mattress" to describe just about anything. Well, the Venice is a true pillow top, meaning: a spring unit mattress with an extra sewn-in top layer of additional foam that adds softness and comfort to the mattress. This is our entry-level pillow top so it combines a very cheap price with the workmanship we can trust for many of our out-of-state custom-size orders.

    The layer below the two memory foam layers is a 6 inch polyurethane base foam. The idea of an 11" mattress made entirely of memory foam may perhaps sound like "a good idea", however, in actuality, it would not provide proper support, nor would it be comfortable long term. This 6 inch base layer will allow the mattress to maintain its shape, comfort and durability for years to come. With this final layer of support you will remain comfortably on top of the mattress and not sink in.

Mattress(Core)390 Innerspring Unit

So we went to meet Michael Garcia and Stephanie Wing-Garcia and their sand mattress. They live just a few minutes from our house, in a big, sunny apartment full of beautiful things–and they sleep on a king sized bed which consists of a low wooden platform, a pair of twin-sized canvas mattress casings filled with ground white marble sand, which in turn are topped by an inch thick natural latex mat and a layer of sheepskin.