Commission 72A - Shiny Mega Rayquaza Tattoo Commission

Mega Rayquaza preparing to use Dragon Ascent

Pokemon - Mega-Rayquaza-EX (61/108) - XY Roaring Skies - Holo

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  • Also,with Delta Stream, weather effects last indefinitely as long as Mega Rayquaza remains in battle. When it is swapped out for another Pokémon on your team, the weather immediately returns to normal.

    Additionally, we assume that Sycamore’s theory is correct that the energy given off the first time the Ultimate Weapon was used was what triggered the creation of the Mega Stones (which, yes, does allow them to exist in Hoenn) and the story reason given for Mega Evolution basically boils down to bonds between trainer and Pokemon. So, outside of Mega Rayquaza’s unique method of Mega Evolution, what “secrets” to Mega Evolution is Rayquaza supposed to hold, exactly? If Sycamore’s theory is wrong, then why are there only records in Kalos of Mega Evolution? Why are the Mega Stones tied in some fashion to the Anistar Sundial?

  • There’s also the fact that Sycamore tells you that there are no records of Mega Evolution existing outside of Kalos as you go through X/Y. (Plus, it’s said that Lucario was the first Mega Evolution (hence the murals in the Tower), which, while that could be a matter of syntax given Rayquaza’s different method of Mega Evolution, seems to contradict the fact that legends and lore of Mega Rayquaza exist.)

    There's been a lengthy Niconico broadcast of today in Japan, and as was promised there's been a major reveal to excite fans. Mega Rayquaza has been announced, and looks set to play an important role in the story.

    Japan: MegaRekkuza
    French: MegaRayquaza
    German: Mega-Rayquaza
    Korean: 메가레쿠쟈

  • Mega Evolution
    Picture Name Other Names No. Gender Ratio Type
    Mega Rayquaza
    Japan: MegaRekkuza
    French: MegaRayquaza
    German: Mega-Rayquaza
    Korean: 메가레쿠쟈
    National: #384
    Rayquaza is Genderless
    Classification Height Weight Capture Rate Base Egg Steps
    Sky High Pokémon 35'05"
    3 (XY)
    45 (ΩRαS)

    Greatest 3rd Gen Legendary, by your name I summon your forth! Rayquaza!
    *Raises the Seven Master Balls*
    *Gets the Mega Evolution Rayquaza form he’s dreamed of*
    Welp, looks like my wish has already been granted. So awesome…

Mega Rayquaza Will F*** You Up - YouTube

Mega Rayquaza's first attack does 30x the number of your bench Pokemon in play. "Do The Wave" Pokemon have seen some success in the past, for example, Empoleon, but M Rayquaza is different. It does more damage, has more HP, and has a lot of buffs for it.