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Great and cheap milk storage bags. Very convenient especially while travelling.

Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags, 100 Count, BPA Free and BPS Free (Packaging May Vary)

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  • TAG : Dimensions: 6.25″ x 5″ x 8.5″ Milk storage bags sold separately
  • Expressed milk should be stored in clean, tightly sealed containers. Any container may be used if it can be thoroughly cleaned with hot, soapy water and if it seals tightly. Many mothers choose to use infant feeding bottles with solid caps to store milk.

    Milk may be stored and transported in refrigeration, or frozen in dry ice. Freshly expressed milk is safe for infant consumption even when stored at room temperature for up to 6–8 hours.
    Fresh milk may be safely stored in an insulated cooler bag with frozen ice packs for up to 24 hours. Refrigerated milk can be stored for 5 days.
    For additional storage options see .

    Once milk is cooled, it should remain cool until the milk is consumed. Refrigerated milk can subsequently be frozen, however once frozen milk is fully thawed it should be used within one hour. Because of these requirements, a breastfeeding mother needs to consider access to safe storage options in making her decision whether to keep her expressed milk to bring back to her infant or child, or to discard it before returning home.

    Depending upon the destination, if no reliable milk storage is available, a mother traveling without her nursing infant or child may need to discard her expressed milk. In such a situation it is important to recognize the value of regular expression while separated to help her maintain her milk supply until she and her nursing infant or child can be reunited, regardless if milk is stored.

    Breast milk storage bags can be lifesavers when you are looking to and store your for later use. Storing your breast milk safely is important to the health of your baby and there are many different ways you can store your , though the ease and safety of some methods are not as good as others.

  • These breast milk storage bags come 25 sterilized bags to a pack. You close them with a zippered closing. They do not require other ties or clips. These bags can also be used in most disposable bottles, so you don't have to change bags or lose milk.

    The milk storage bags are zippered closure with an area for labeling. They have a handle on the side and spout to make pouring the contents into a easier. The also stand up while pouring milk into them, which is very handy.


    • Enclosed storage keeps milk storage bags protected from damage and prevents leaks

    • Efficient, space-saving design stores more milk in less space

    • First in, first out system ensures that oldest milk is used first

    • Can be used with any milk storage bag

    • Disassembles for easy cleaning

    • Stores up to 60 ounces of breast milk in any brand of milk storage bag

    • Metal "quick-freeze" tray facilitates rapid freezing

    • Prevents contamination of your precious breast milk

    • Contains no BPA or phthalates

    • Dimensions: 8.5" H x 7" D x 4.75" W

  • Where Temperature Time Comments
    At room temperature (fresh milk) 66° to 78° F (19° to 26° C) 4 hours (ideal) up to 6 hours (acceptable)* Contents should be covered and kept as cool as possible; covering the container with a damp towel may keep milk cooler.
    Insulated cooler bag 5° -39° F (-15° -4° C) 24 hours Keep ice packs in constant contact with milk containers; limit opening cooler bag.
    In a refrigerator <39° f=""><4°> 72 hours (ideal) up to 8 days (acceptable)** Collect in a very clean way to minimize spoilage. Store milk in the back of the main body of the refrigerator.
    Freezer (compartment of refrigerator) 5° F (-15° C) 2 weeks Store milk away from sides and toward the back of the freezer where temperature is most constant. Milk stored longer than these ranges is usually safe, but some of the fats break down over time.
    Freezer (compartment of refrigerator with separate doors) 0° F (-18° C) 3 – 6 months
    Deep Freezer -4° F (-20° C) 6 – 12 months

    The Spectra milk storage bags are great value for money. I had been using another brand of milk storage bag, but the Spectra bags hold more volume, have more bags in a pack, and are cheaper than the other brand. Postage is super fast, so I needn’t worry if I forget to order more bags until the last minute. Win-win. I’m so happy with the product, that I am recommending Spectra milk storage bags to breastfeeding friends.

Helpful tips on breast milk storage for busy mums.

Because Lansinoh® Breastmilk Storage Bags have a double zipper closure, they will not fit securely on the pump so you cannot pump directly into them.