Minecraft Fire Sword made with Perler Beads by CreativeKidShoppe

DIY Minecraft sword

Diamond Minecraft Foam Sword

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  • Thank you so much! I just told my son yesterday that I would NOT pay $24 for a Minecraft sword for his birthday party. He’s going to be so excited!!

    My little sister loves . She also loves handmade gifts from her big sister. For her birthday present, I made a Minecraft sword. The sword complements the wooden I made a few months ago. You can check out the tutorial . In this post, I’ll share steps for creating a sword of your own from a 1×12 board!

  • If you, too, want to skirt the line between Bad Mom/Awesome Mom, as well, here’s how to make your own Minecraft sword out of scrap wood. Thanks to Minecraft’s blocky design scheme, it’s actually not that hard!

    Earlier this week, I shared with you the I made for Emily’s 6th birthday. Today, I’ve got her twin brother’s Minecraft Sword pull-apart cupcake cake for you!

  • 1. Make your Minecraft sword template. After a lot of futzing, I decided that the perfect length for a kid-sized Minecraft sword is about 18″. I found a online and enlarged it to the correct size, but you can also hand-draw a perfectly correct template, yourself, if you’ve got a ruler and a little time to count squares.

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That’s pretty much it! It’s a bit time-consuming to make your own Minecraft foam sword, but totally worth it when your kids tells you that you’re awesome! Next, he wants me to make an enchanted pick axe! Ugh! What do you think? I know it’s not as pretty as the store-bought ones, but I’m still pretty proud that I managed to pull it off!