Amazing modern bike with a wheel folding system.

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Anyway I think modern bikes look horrid

Huffy Bicycle Women's 700C Premier Modern Cruiser Bike, 26"/Large

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  • Perhaps you don't need a bike, but only need gear to fix up the one that you have; Modern Bike can help with that too. The options are so varied that they are almost overwhelming: brake accessories, chain parts, compression gear, frame tools, and dozens of other items to assist you in the renovating of your bicycle into the superb piece of exercise equipment that you intend it to be. Take the old, unused bike that was only gathering dust in the garage anyway and turn it into a useful tool to be used in your health quest.

    Though there are many bike stores in the United States, Modern Bike is unique because of its focus on indoor bikes for exercise equipment rather than on mountain biking which is the focus of most of the other bike stores. The bike accessories along with the bikes themselves that are sold at Modern Bike are a reflection of this. Modern Bike, therefore, has a unique market and type of product that can be enjoyed by even the reluctant or amateur biker. Unlike mountain biking which is usually only for already fit, outdoorsy individuals, indoor biking can be a great experience regardless of your fitness level or previous experience.

  • While I am posting I want to mention the City of Copenhagen’s . Copenhagen started a bike sharing program back in 1996, but now the Mayor wants an “attractive and modern bike share system (that) can contribute to strengthening Copenhagen’s bicycle culture.” The deadline to enter the competition is November 18th. You can if you are interested. Also, check out for more information.

    Green commuting is something rare in most big cities, as people find it hard to integrate their own personal bicycle ride with the local transportation system. Yet, commuting over short distances on an ultra-cool and ergonomically styled modern bike is something that has plenty of appeal. And that’s what the Organik motion Bike is all about.Aimed at encouraging modern urban commuters to start pedaling for the sake of their own health and that of their planet, the highly sleek and stylish bicycle uses a very simple Z-frame concept along with forcing the rider to get into the perfect aerodynamic position to reduce drag.Looking more like a machine built for the Olympics rather than just for daily rides across the city, it features a fully integrated braking system, front and rear suspension systems, a shaft drive, and wheels that use a reflective material to keep you safe on a dull and foggy day.The major problem with the bike is the obvious fact that it looks a shade too ‘contemporary’ and hence seems to be aimed purely at the younger audience. Also the fact that the riding position is so athletic, means that this will feel more like a workout rather than a gentle ride.Either way, this is still a nice little step forward when it comes to promoting green on wheels![via ]

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    ibbz wrote:
    I'd say the majority of buyers aren't pro racers

    But a lot of them want to be, or are trying to be. There are some very fast riders out there, competing week after week, and they want the best kit they can get. I have a friend who is 62, has been racing and competing for years and changes his bike every couple of seasons to take advantage of the latest advances.

    Modern road bikes ugly?

    Not in the same way that mtb's are, and as has been said, the classic designs still exists and in modern steels, like 725, 931 and 953.


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    All bikes from Modern Bike come with revolutionary new trainers to quiet the bike sound so that you don't bother neighbors with your workout. Modern Bike uses unique designs created especially with comfortable seats for convenient riding. Shop for the right bike and parts by brand or category from the Modern Bike website so that you can start riding your new indoor bike as soon as possible.

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Bika by Killwood is the first sustainable modern bike rack crafted from pine beetle kill wood and is designed to showcase your bike as a premium display centerpiece in your home, and bring convenience to your every day. Killwood only uses wood from trees that have been affected by the pine beetle epidemic, which has devastated portions of forests in British Columbia, where Killwood is based.