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Monster High Shriekwrecked Dayna Treasura Jones Doll

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  • monster high new Scaremester Twyla’s long wavy hair is colored in light and dark blue tones, with side swept bangs and ringlets at the bottom. The colors compliment her light grey skin that has swirling smoky designs up her arms and legs! And when that’s done scaring you, Twyla’s white and blue bangles will have you totally freaking out! Everything about this ghoul is mysterious, but students can’t help wanting to sit with her in the creepateria! Who said a boogey-girl can only be popular in your dreams?

    Eerily-adorable, round-toed heels make a fierce addition to her pastel outfit! The teal and black stilettos tie in gruesomely well to the rest of her color pallet, with cute straps and textured detailing. Her bugged-out handbag follows the same color scheme, with a teal flap and black base. Of course, more bugs can be seen adorning her bag- so ghouls better watch out if they want to check out this accessory! It comes with a matching folder, signature-style brush, doll stand and character-specific diary. The price of Monster High New Scaremester Twyla Doll is around $18-$20.

  • Spectra Vondergeist is the daughter of the Ghosts. She writes an anonymous gossip blog and an advice column for the Monster High student newspaper, and as such is a bit of a rumor-monger. As a ghost herself, she can float and pass through walls. Spectra has a pet ferret named Rhuen.

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