Title: The Monster Maker (1944)

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  • * To enjoy all the sounds of Elmo’s Monster Maker, silent mode should not be activated. Apple hardware does not mute videos when the phone is in silent mode. So, the videos will play with sound, but the game audio will not. You may think the sound has dropped, when in fact the mute button is on.

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  • Mad scientist Igor Markoff is at a piano recital with his long-suffering assistant when he spots a woman who is almost identical to his late wife. Finding out she's the daughter of the pianist (and engaged), he finds time out from his mad doctor lifestyle to do a bit of stalking. Turns out he's an expert in (can't remember disease, must try and look up before posting review) and has a pet gorilla, like most people in films from this era. Somehow, sending flowers three times a day to his intended beau isn't quite making the right impression, and when her dad turns up at his lab to persuade him to stop, he ends up injecting him full of the disease.

    The disease (whatever it is) causes the pianist hands and head to swell up (the make up looks really good), but it forces the pianist to go to Markoff in order to get the cure (which he has recently discovered). Can he mend himself, save his daughter, and sort out that meddling scientists? Or can the scientist's assistant sort it out for him? And will she survive the gorilla that's been let into her room in the middle of the night? Monster Maker heads towards being a good film but ends up falling a bit short. The set up is good, but not much happens for most of the running time except people standing around talking. I was hoping either the gorilla or the diseased pianist would go on a murderous rampage, but that didn't happen. That said, it's not a bad movie, just needed a bit of oomph. Good premise, but too little action..

    One thing though – Nabonga, The Ape etc do you think it's the same gorilla suit? Wait - I've remembered the name of the disease...it's

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  • The Monster Maker
    A promotional film poster for "The Monster Maker."
    Directed by Sam Newfield
    Produced by Sigmund Neufeld
    Written by Lawrence Williams
    Pierre Gendron
    Martin Mooney
    Starring J. Carrol Naish
    Ralph Morgan
    Tala Birell
    Music by Albert Glasser
    Cinematography Sam Newfield
    Edited by Robert E. Cline
    Distributed by Producers Releasing Corporation
    Release dates
    • April 15, 1944 (1944-04-15)
    Running time
    62 min
    Country United States
    Language English

    “What’s really unique about Elmo’s Monster Maker App is the interaction with the live video—Elmo is literally playing with a Muppet you’ve just created,” said Jeffrey Fleishman, Assistant Vice President for Media Distribution Business Development, Sesame Workshop.

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I love cool apps as much as the next person, and as fun as Elmo’s Monster Maker is, $3.99 was on the steeper end for me. I usually only download free apps, but if I had the chance to try out this app before purchasing, I’m sure I’d gladly pay the price. But of course SS thinks of everything: they created a YouTube tutorial and teaser for just that purpose. Smart, eh?