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Godzilla Movie Monster EX: Rainbow Mothra 10" Vinyl Figure

Too low to display
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  • TAG : Trendmasters Bendable Mothra Toy Review
  • What's this? I get to review the first Mothra toy? Oh joy, just what I want to do: admit that I played with Mothra as a child. This review for Mothra, while she is in the six inch line of figures, isn't for her electronic version, but instead the basic version. Before I start this, I do have to say it. I can't help myself, but if I don't, this review with have me spewing it out non-stop. Damn, Mothra got real ugly. Indeed, the Trendmasters release of Mothra could very well be the ugliest version the giant insect has ever had.

    Revoltech recently released a Mothra based on the original 1961 version appearance. I thought it a bit silly to make a figure of a monster that had very limited movement in a series that is known for high articulation. Well, thankfully they pulled off a great Mothra toy regardless.

  • I love Mothra. I'd probably have a lot more Mothra toys if they were easier to display. I'm embarrassed that I don't have a decent Mothra larva vinyl, yet.

    Also I agree with NekroDave,as an adult (i.e. I'm not playing with it) there's almost no point to buying a Mothra toy,due to the display issue. I guess you could hang it from the ceiling?

Rebirth of Mothra Toy version part 6