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  • When I was a child I had a few absolute favourite toys and games. I remember loving the classic Mouse Trap game and lamenting I did not have the game at home and only got the play it when I was at school in the library. I love the fact that some of my old favourites are still available today and happy that I can share them with my son.

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  • Mousetrap Board game. The crazy, zany game of catching rodents, using the wildest mousetraps in the world. Flush the toilet to activate 1 of 3 new traps!

    Don't run away from this ideal opportunity to dazzle those you care for with a reward they will forever cherish. Buying for your loved ones can be daunting, but our website only offers you the safest in kids presents, so you can be sure U-Build Mouse Trap Game is precisely that.

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  • For this price, the U-Build Mouse Trap Game is without a doubt generally promoted and is a unique choice considering a great number people. Hasbro has included some excellent touches and this causes good reward.

Snap the trap and win the Mouse Trap Game

Invented in 1963, and originally named Mouse Trap Game, it was eventually shortened to just Mouse Trap, because officially no one bought this thinking it would be a real mouse trap except for maybe one guy who really had it coming. The game allows each player to take turns building components of a macabre machine designed to murder mice. Childhood is as good a place to demonstrate your penchant for casual sadism as any I guess.