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  • So a TV movie by Disney channel,, the idea is new and kinda genuine, at first you'd think the plot is rigid and predictable but it really do has some unpredictability in the final scenes. The script is fine,,the experience of the writers has actually Flourished in this type of mini-series/TV movies which gave them an advantage.

    There is only this thing i kinda hated or more like "disliked" about the movie which is the singing and dancing thingy !! well it's a bit shaggy and disorient the viewer even if it was a 9 year old kid sitting a 24/7 on Disney.. Thank god for the fast-forward bless ;) but to be fair,, other than the singing part,, the movie could have actually made a big fuss if it opened on the big screen ..

    As for the cast ,, they were mostly fine .. for a Disney channel cast they looked like a stars there.

    So overall,, the movie is nice .. watchable in a family night .. if you have an FF button on your remote you'll use it 3 times i think during the songs , well unless you have little kids then you're screwed :D but seriously thou ,, it is cool.

    The movie even Disney is embarrassed by because of the recycled animation. I’ve thought about it a lot and decided I don’t care about that. It’s just a technique like CG, hand drawn, stop motion, and if the story is good than the technique doesn’t matter to me. Not that Robin Hood is a perfect film. I think it is one act too long and gets a little too melancholy in the 3rd act. But I love the dry English wit and pithy dialogue. It’s funny with a great villain and solid music.

  • Disney aficionados—and, really, movie buffs in general—can now have instant access to a large number of titles in Disney’s library with a new cloud-based service, . Launching Tuesday and available in tandem with iTunes, the service lets you easily build up your personal collection of movies from Disney and its Pixar and Marvel affiliates; you can then access those movies through an Apple TV, an iOS app, or any Web browser.

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