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    Do you love my little pony? They're just so pretty and fun to play with, right? Today let's find out the objects displayed below which my little pony needs,find them in a shortest possible time and score more. Enjoy! Free to play my little pony game on dress up games 8 that was built for girls and boys. my little pony is very fun,play it quickly!

  • has been a favorite toy of young children, especially girls, for many years. The toy ponies were first made with white vinyl bodies and colorful manes began to be sold in stores in 1981. By 1984 there was an animated show launched by the toy's marker, Hasbro, to promote their product. Along with the television cartoon, My Little Pony movies have been made and released at theaters and there are several direct to video films as well.

    The My Little Pony toy franchise was a huge hit in the 1980s and not only toy ponies were released by Hasbro, but there were several as well. Many of the My Little Pony games were made from younger children, but there were several board games for older kids who could read and write as well. The first My Little Pony games was released in 1983 called the . The idea behind the first game was to located all of the ponies and bring them home safely.
    Next came the "" in 1985. Up to four children could play My Little Pony games such as this one and the suggested ages was for kids four and up. The game had a spinner, cards, and a score sheet that could be stamped. The goal was to collect eight stamps to win the game. The cards were one for each horse and they were placed face down in front of the player. When the spinner was spun and stopped on a color, who ever had picked that color got a stamp on their score sheet.
    Several My Little Pony games have been produced featuring My Little Pony that were not strictly games set up for the popular franchise. They include games like "Trouble", which came out with a My Little Pony edition, as did the "Memory" board game. There is a "", which is a race game that is similar to "." This year, in 2013, A "" edition went on sale.

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    There have been several My Little Pony games released for computers and video game platforms as well. One of the first interactive games for the PC was released in 1998 called "My Little Pony: Friendship Gardens". It was a simulation game that was produced by Artech Digital Entertainment. In 2006, My Little Pony games for the Game Boy Advance were made for children. The first game was the "" and then "" was released in 2008 for the Nintendo DS.

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Fans of the series will be happy to note that this game includes tons of favorite characters from the series. At the time of this review, the game offers 50 different ponies to unlock and interact with. Every My Little Pony fan has their favorite pony, and it's nice to have such a wide variety of characters represented in this game. The ultimate goal of every player will be to collect them all!