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NECA Classic Terminator Scale Endoskeleton in Window Box Action Figure, 7"

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  • might be the end of Nathan Drake, but you can have the adventurer decorating your computer desk forever thanks to this upcoming figure from NECA Toys.

    For all the popularity Deadpool has enjoyed over the years, it's quite possible that his star has never shined brighter than in 2016. The dude is in about a dozen comics a month, he had a smash hit film (finally) that's earned the right to move into sequel talks, and he's still on more merchandise than just about any X-person without the words Wolv and Erine in their names. That includes action figures, of which Wade Wilson has has plenty. But there are more on the way, including his first from NECA Toys.

  • One of the coolest things I saw at New York Comic Con was NECA Toys' new Nostromo Spacesuit figures from their Alien toy line. (It's the costume Adam wore this summer at Comic-Con!) We take the fragile sculpt and paint master for this figure out of the display case and scrutinize its details to examine what NECA's artists got right. This is a gorgeous piece!

    Learn more about NECA's figures and replicas at:

    NECA Toys will be shipping their Batman Begins Christian Bale Batman 1/4 scale figure this month (February) and have provided several new images of the figure.


    We have here a truely great piece, Muhammad Ali - Cassius Clay 18" inch action figure with motion activated sound and articulation made under license by NECA reel toys. NECA have produced this great Muhammad Ali talking action figure. Widely regarded as the "Athlete of the Century", simply "The Greatest" by billions of fans all over the globe, Muhammad Ali is portayed here in this highly detailed 18" tall action figure with voice chip technology. Brand new in sealed window box. A realistic replica first released by NECA in 2007. Replica of Ali from his first championship fight 1964 Clay v Liston, Miami Beach. Authentically detailed, from the brown Frager gloves to the white Everlast trunks with red side stripes to the white Everlast shoes. Activated by motion, The talking Ali figure "speaks" key phrases from the press conference following the famous 1964 fight between Cassius Clay and Sonny Liston including: "I am the king of the world! I'm pretty!" "Who's the greatest? Who's the greatest?" "I'm the greatest fighter that ever lived!" "I shook up the world! I shook up the world! I shook up the world!" "I must be the greatest, I told the world!"


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  • Neca Toys (National Entertainment Collectibles Association)is one of the largest collectible toy & action figure companies. They have major licenses for popular movies, video games and more. Since 1996 they have continued to produce the high quality & detailedtoys & action figures.

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